How to play Diablo3—revealing more details of this game

As is known to all,” Diablo 3″ will be released globally on May 15th, 2012. Blizzard finally opened beta for all battle net users before releasing.
I think the” Diablo 3″ must be the champion of the game sales this year.  “Diablo 3 ” added a number of new features, HD 3D picture is higher quality. The blizzard made a few changes in the game settings and booty pickup, but the overall framework is still the same with before.
There are five occupations in the games; in addition to barbarian, the other occupations are new, although they looks like before , they have new identity and skills, which let the game players play more interesting.

Diablo 3  game
The barbarian and the monks these two occupations belong to melee killing type. Their skills can easily cause damage, and increase the injury with the level promoted. Considering the balance of the survival ability and damage range, I like the monk more. I think the monk is more interesting.
Demon hunter, witch and wizard are standard distance occupations. In the early days, their attack power is not superior. This situation can change when players learn AOE spells and skills with the level raised, in these occupations, I like the witch doctor. They can summon pets, poison dart injuries are also considerable, also can release the fire bat, causing massive damage.
The wizard has long range skills in the early. The appearance of various laser spell is their love, such as the Frost Nova can damage enemy, limit their movements. For witch doctor, they fear and charm the enemy.

Diablo 3  game
In the” Diablo 3”, it also has some changes with which the old game player satisfied. Medicament stacked, cancel return spool, all characters share warehouse and spend gold extending space. In the first act, you can unlock the recall skills. In the Game, game players can obtain materials by decomposing magic props, then to manufacture the new items. Manufacturing skills can be upgraded in the blacksmith office; game players can even make more powerful equipment than boss drop. The most interesting set is the auction in the “Diablo 3″, game players can freely buy and sell various rare items here.
As for the game, it is simple as usual. Click the mouse, kill monsters, pickup.
From this test,” Diablo 3″ behaves quite amazing; I look forward to” Diablo 3″the official release very much. On May 15th, I can’t wait to play.

The latest announcement!Diablo 3 official open beta test

Diablo 3 open beta will officially began on this Saturday , at the appointed time, as long as you have a account (for US server or Taiwan server) and complete the BattleTag information. You may join this test in this weekend!

We are very pleased to announce that the diablo III open beta activities in weekend! In this weekend, all players will acquire the qualification of download and land in the diablo III’s client , and that will help us to adjust the game and the server step by step,we are preparing to release it on May 15.


The whole activity from the Pacific time 12:01 AM, April 20 (Friday), begin to on April 23, (Monday) at 10 PM. At that time, you will be able to download the diablo III’s client and land in the game with your friends to resist the demon army, and save the shelter of the world. During the open beta test, it will open all the optional careers, and the level upper limit will be level 13.

Big exposure! Three characteristic play methods about maplestory game

“maplestory” great change version beta, the recent new service is hot, the islanders unprecedented enthusiasm. “Island adventure” is what is attractive? Xiaobian hereby exclusively reveal the three big characteristics of maplestory!
The new concept of scrolls online, unique strange adventure experience
The adventure island that the entire game with 2 D images on plane used horizontal scroll movement way which is different from other Q version 2D games. Game scene of the fall of on design, the whole picture points prospects (players activity area), the static background, the scenery of the three levels of activity design, already ingenuity and have very strong real into feeling.
maplestory game

All kinds of map, in a different scene adventure
The flavor of full of fairy tales picture, match on pure and fresh and beautiful music and bright colors downy collocation, the oncoming is a different style of play. The adventure island “has the breath of the medieval villages and grasslands, rural wild primitive tribes, dense plateau mountainous area, the rich and colorful underwater world, and the mysterious magic forest, modern city and remote town, and so on, constitute a series of games challenge map, in the adventure trip constantly have the fresh and surprise scenes.
The role of personalized Settings, let you in the game is enough to tide and snowboarding progresses


The role of freedom for players is very big in the adventure island, players following their bent by their own ways can dress up their characters from head to foot ,even the title of the show also have corresponding characteristics effect. At the same time, costume can fully present in game pictures, and even small adorn article players can also see clearly. Mall of coat, pants, earrings, shoes, according to the player’s preference can create hundreds of thousands of characters. If you feel that is not satisfied, but also through the beauty salon and other professional technology, completely change the role of appearance; let you become the protagonist of the unique game!
Above all, in front of a computer can you withstand? Move words; just open your own adventure!
Starting from scratch adventure, everything has already changed!
game  role

Above all, in front of a computer you can  hold? If you are moved , begin your own adventure!



Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of each race in WOW?

Just now, summed up WOW racial advantages and disadvantages. because I am also a novice, may not write very detailed.
Advantages: The building can be built by more people, faster than other races and the attack power is relatively high.
Disadvantages: No maximum units, blood is less than 1000.

The bestial race:
Advantages: Blood of multiple defense is high, and you can get resource quickly.
Disadvantages: The initial defense education is weak, and the soldiers made is also slower.

The undead:
Advantages: Fast, can be used to increase the population construction unit to attack others,
especially in fighting Night elf.
Disadvantages: Tedious in collection resources.

Night elf:
Advantages: Resources faster,can be hiding, then The deer can be immune to magic.
Disadvantages: Early Weaker, building will be destroyed by rival easily when you build.

That is all I have known.Wish it’s useful for you!

Silkroad online – to level 60 is so easy

Recently I’m playing game silkroad online,I have to say it is not easy to power level 60. now I will share with you some of my experience.

Tips 1:
Well… If there is someone find that I have to go to practice because it’s too far …  I found… ( I just want to tell those who don’t know , so pls dont laught at me  ) In fact, you just point you to the location of the sky … Yeah… Is the sky … Once he will have to run the range can not always mad point road … Then to turn the direction word, can directly use the keyboard arrow keys to turn! But don’t press the up key, otherwise he will stop.

Tips 2:
Bow with your major weapons on the shortcut keys. I was the first for playing much blame, blame to you, is the time when the arrows shot Change , people would go there” taxi” monster with attack … And on the slide will follow on after a hair bows to attack … That is to say … When you get to the strange knock on the head on … Add a former hair bows, you can through my screenshots to see before I attack very detailed magic back there after a small arrow with the past. But the less an archery but slide spike … Very cool oh!! But if it is a knife or stiletto can shield, it is not recommended to use the knife sword The same to a relatively high level is not very suitable, shortcut keys are placed here, there and put the weapon switching. This method is generally applicable to the following 20, leveling crazy, and the operation is flexible wisdom

Tips 3: I don’t know if anyone has already found … That is to buy plural consumption goods.. only Ctrl + left key can directly purchase the maximum ….and  sell something is Ctrl + left keys… Can sell directly to stores to pull over.

Tips 4:
When you buy some items consume ,because every time the number of inputs and trouble? Introduce a new method for you, oh good, you can try, the method is very simple. You go to the pharmacy to buy the first bundle of blue, and then you press the enter What will you find?
In your inventory and a bundle of blue, the number is the same Oh, again to try.

PS: of course that will be relatively less money  in your inventory . Ha-ha Three and four tips for more convenient, mainly to see the various that you will  like how to operate in game .

Tips 5:
I believe many people would die to wait for rescue when they are in a terrible situation, after the discovery of windows no one see problems? Finally had no choice but to choose to start, the results are out of the game, no team. In fact, as long as the left his head icon, will jump out of the state selection. This can be avoided to the problem of landing, to find people team!!
This is what I have summed up during my playing, if you have some other tips,you can also contact me, so that we can share with the next step. By the way,here to share a website which was said more wonderful.

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