Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of each race in WOW?

Just now, summed up WOW racial advantages and disadvantages. because I am also a novice, may not write very detailed.
Advantages: The building can be built by more people, faster than other races and the attack power is relatively high.
Disadvantages: No maximum units, blood is less than 1000.

The bestial race:
Advantages: Blood of multiple defense is high, and you can get resource quickly.
Disadvantages: The initial defense education is weak, and the soldiers made is also slower.

The undead:
Advantages: Fast, can be used to increase the population construction unit to attack others,
especially in fighting Night elf.
Disadvantages: Tedious in collection resources.

Night elf:
Advantages: Resources faster,can be hiding, then The deer can be immune to magic.
Disadvantages: Early Weaker, building will be destroyed by rival easily when you build.

That is all I have known.Wish it’s useful for you!


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