How to play Diablo3—revealing more details of this game

As is known to all,” Diablo 3″ will be released globally on May 15th, 2012. Blizzard finally opened beta for all battle net users before releasing.
I think the” Diablo 3″ must be the champion of the game sales this year.  “Diablo 3 ” added a number of new features, HD 3D picture is higher quality. The blizzard made a few changes in the game settings and booty pickup, but the overall framework is still the same with before.
There are five occupations in the games; in addition to barbarian, the other occupations are new, although they looks like before , they have new identity and skills, which let the game players play more interesting.

Diablo 3  game
The barbarian and the monks these two occupations belong to melee killing type. Their skills can easily cause damage, and increase the injury with the level promoted. Considering the balance of the survival ability and damage range, I like the monk more. I think the monk is more interesting.
Demon hunter, witch and wizard are standard distance occupations. In the early days, their attack power is not superior. This situation can change when players learn AOE spells and skills with the level raised, in these occupations, I like the witch doctor. They can summon pets, poison dart injuries are also considerable, also can release the fire bat, causing massive damage.
The wizard has long range skills in the early. The appearance of various laser spell is their love, such as the Frost Nova can damage enemy, limit their movements. For witch doctor, they fear and charm the enemy.

Diablo 3  game
In the” Diablo 3”, it also has some changes with which the old game player satisfied. Medicament stacked, cancel return spool, all characters share warehouse and spend gold extending space. In the first act, you can unlock the recall skills. In the Game, game players can obtain materials by decomposing magic props, then to manufacture the new items. Manufacturing skills can be upgraded in the blacksmith office; game players can even make more powerful equipment than boss drop. The most interesting set is the auction in the “Diablo 3″, game players can freely buy and sell various rare items here.
As for the game, it is simple as usual. Click the mouse, kill monsters, pickup.
From this test,” Diablo 3″ behaves quite amazing; I look forward to” Diablo 3″the official release very much. On May 15th, I can’t wait to play.


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