A new play “dynamic events” is released by “Guild wars 2”

The style of the Massive-Multiplayer On-Line(MMO) is formulated by “World of Warcraft” which was released in 2004 by Blizzard, and becomes laws that the game industry seek for when they develop a new MMORPG, ArenaNet determined to say they will develop the new line by “Guild wars 2”!
ArenaNet global brand image director Christopher Lye recently received north American media interviews and said the truth, they eventually understand that copying the past some mode can’t create a truly great MMO work, and he also believed that now many so-called MMO just followed the similar task system and combat structure of “World of Warcraft”, so at last players can only repeat of playing the familiar work. He thinks that now the biggest problem of MMO is the lack of innovation design, and the “Guild wars 2” will bring change.
Dynamic events will meet the need of players
The most obvious difference is the “Guild wars 2” provides “dynamic event system”. Christopher Lye said they understood the desire for game content is almost insatiable for players, despite originally published version already had some content stock, but soon couldn’t meet the players, so they bother to develop the new process which not only can save designers a lot of time but also can let “dynamic events” satisfy players, developers can continue providing new events through simple and convenient adjustment, let players have been keep the newness.
In addition, the “Guild wars 2″will also break general commonly practice of the MMO─the combination is composed by the soldiers, priests, and DPS (usually the mage) the three profession, they make every profession in the game have basic care ability, and hope to take this opportunity to let players create more tactical and possibilities when play in the team.
Christopher Lye believe MMO gamers are waiting for a new and full of charm of combat mode, and the “Guild wars 2” will bring the change, although some people think that this attempt may take the risk, they think that conservative will take more risks. When the players really play to the “Guild wars 2”, will realize the radical change, they will set up a new MMO genre.

Some small intimate skills in “Diablo 3” you may not notice

Those little skill or little detail in the game you may ignore, although each is not necessarily accurate, must help you when first play the game.
1. The thief carrying gold wears white and blue clothes, general the blue is better for the fall, treasure box is also, there is a chance of treasures will be particularly bright;
2. Selling formula in the auction can be canceled at any time;
3. When search equipment in the auction, if input prices in the following “price cap”, it will automatically filter those treasure that don’t have accurate price;
4. In the auction, price of power equipment general is lower, there are five kinds of careers, only one is power, but the drop is the average;
5. Sogou input method is unable to come out select box in the game, as long as set the “full screen window” model;
6. If you are beaten to die by strong monster, your body will fly like a breaking line kite to the distance, weapons also fly and you don’t know where it is, your entourage will immediately go down, but NPC will still resist;
7. Point right key, your entourage can help him to wash the talent points, give him a good weapon, DPS can literally add on 3000;
8. The following Witch should be a 1500 years old spinster, but like ambiguity with the paladin, also don’t dislike rogue flirt, if your character is a female characters, the witch even envy your dress and figure;
9. Equipment attribute generated is confirmed in the moment of the boss dropping the equipment, whether you change clothes and bath, or petals washing, and identification only help you be out from your dream into a reality;
10. Weapons have direct damage and added elements damage (such as toxins, and fire, and so on), but when calculating DPS, it is equally, choose which kind of weapon, depend on your opinions;
11. The first act has a lot of hate fatty, before die, they will exposé, and then come out many small snakes, the strange monsters sometimes will help you to kill the small monster around your figure;
12. Until now, Leah’s father doesn’t appear, can guess let Leah’s mother conceive should be the diablo person form, or even the boss of the next expansion;
13. If die too long time, when need to resurrection will continue several minutes, this time return to the town for a while, and can continue to fight;
14. All the role of an account can share a locker, it means that if there are many things that your locker can’t hold them, can build a few small role as the warehouse, and it is also very convenient to take things.

How to quickly upgrade the levels during 50-60 in “Diablo 3”

I found that the battle is quite difficult in hell model the same with a lot of ordinary players, so we have to choice to repeat refresh monster in order to upgrade figures to 60 levels quickly. This method need often to newly enter into the game, so it’s not suitable to use while waiting in line.
When I was in 51 levels, bought a weapon with a little savings, and then found:
I studied all the tasks, found an upgrade holy land, where can easily upgrade to 60 levels.
1: choose the second small task of chapter 2 in hell model: on the way to Aukanasi.
2: choose the second task among them: lieutenant Watts.
3: enter the game, transmit to task locations, and make a dialogue with lieutenant and receive the quests, then enter into a cellar near it. Go to the edge of the cage, gather the monsters and kill them, then save person. After NPC running out, wait 5 seconds, go out of the cellar. Kill all the outside monsters, the mission is accomplished. Players will get 5oooo points experience award and 1230 gold coins.
4: leave the game and repeat the first step.

Diablo 3
You can do it once in 90 seconds, add monsters experience, upgrade will be very fast, and the monster is common, there is no security problem.
Tip: don’t try to this method when many people are in game, a small back may be waiting in line.
1. Strongly recommend to come again after 54 levels, because there is shield skill in there, all above 35% damage will be less.
2. If lazy or weak to this place, let senior friends give you a map.
3. My skills are two output skill, snake and arcane ball, and other used to saving life. The two skills output is enough. You are good at using you weapon is very important.
4. Repeat to refresh monsters can’t drop good equipment, I totally refresh 20 times and only have 3 or 4 gold equipments, but drops more gems, gold, precious stones (have triangle and square), and blacksmith’s drawings, and often have the small monsters drop money and don’t strike back.
Some suggestions are from internet, hope that can help you.

“Firefall” will be released without client on Facebook–change the game industry pattern

Recently, according to news from net, “The Ninth” suddenly brings surprising news to watchers that his “Firefall” game will just have cooperation with the Facebook of the Nasdaq IPO; players can experience the full version “Firefall” on community of Facebook through the Cloud Computing Technologies.

According to information, Red5 that is the “Firefall” development team studio recently released a lot of video games on the “Firefall” official page of Facebook, in order to test the interested of Facebook’s users. Once the test results is satisfying, the two sides will have reached a cooperation, through innovation technology, Facebook users can directly through the Facebook page experience the “Firefall”, do not need to download the client. It will be the first time to run a large client online without client on the Facebook. It is worth mentioning that this cooperation is not community game platform making the “Firefall” of web page edition, the core technology of Clouds Game Company Gaikai can let users experience large client online through the browser. According to Gaikai revealed, the players experience the game with the technology without any resolution images and losses of operation speed, and still can keep stereo and low delay characteristics, which means that it is no difference from the player experiencing game in the client.
According to industry analysis, the cooperation between The Ninth and Facebook is the implementation “the global corresponding global” strategy and is based on the marketing transformation. The significance and influence will be involved in the whole internet game industry, or even change the advantage of client online and make it gradually infiltrated web SN game field, through the clouds technology change different forms of game structure and competitive situation. But for old social networking site on Facebook, add the client online system and have cooperation with online development company will break through the bottleneck, broaden the way of the social platform, and will attract more game users; it is a win-win pattern.

It’s not hard to guess, once the “Firefall” is successful cooperation with Facebook, will cause the interest of domestic and international manufacturers. The data shows that by the end of last year, Facebook active users are 845 million people, increase 39% year-on-year. Large user base has great attraction for each big game company, implanting the game into community platform, on the one hand, remove the users download cost, on the other hand attract social platform users through the game core competitiveness, and will have positive effect to increase the number of users for the game itself. It is not difficult to imagine that the success of this case, also effects such as blizzard games tycoon trend, in the near future, players can through the Facebook experience “Mists of Pandaria”, “Rift” and so on is not impossible.

“Monster Puppet” will be more interesting than “Fruit Ninja”

Fruit NinjaAccording to the news from internet, recently British Prime Minister Cameron was accused of wasting a lot of time playing “Fruit Ninja” game, you can see the popularity of “Fruit Ninja”, this kind of touch screen game has been popular all over the country, and it is sign of touch screen mobile games. It’s so popular that there are large imitators of this game; the “Monster Puppet” is also a touch screen game, which is doing very well and has innovation.
At first glance, the “Monster Puppet” picture is not very outstanding, but whether 3D background or bouncing monsters are very good, if see screenshot, you may think that the puppet model is a little rough, but actually when puppet are beating at high speed, you can’t see anything flaws, the performance of the puppet is still good on the picture.
The game not only use hand slide, at the same time, there are still quite a few items can be used to overrun the puppet, such as guns and electricity, gun is used by click, But electricity would need to use double fingers refers to connect into line to cause damage to the monster, each weapon can upgrades, except for the original mop (knife), others have the bullet restrictions. And most of the puppet not instantly dies once, you need to constantly stroke, but constantly stroke is easy to touch the negative influence props of game, so the limited number of items is to use, or not? Monster Puppet
The game in the imitation “Fruit Ninja”, at the same time has a lot of innovations, and the picture of the game and music quality also are very good, the whole game quality is guaranteed, if you tired of playing “Fruit Ninja” might as well try to challenge this game, the game uses the pass style design of puzzle games, maybe you prefer to play it. In a word, it’s also an interesting game.

A man sudden death because of playing “Diablo 3” game three days

Diablo 3

According to the media reports, a man named Russell Sherry, was found at home on Monday died of heart attack, before his death, it is said that he had fought for the “Diablo 3” for 3 days. Russell also became the first “sacrifice” players since “Diablo 3” was released.
It is reported that sherry is 32 years old and is a home guy. He does not love doing sports at ordinary times. In order to play “Diablo 3” that he expected for a long time, last Friday, specially asked for leave and even played this game three days at home. Until on Monday, colleagues and the landlord found something wrong and visited him, they found that sherry has been dead for a heart attack.
The data shows, “Diablo 3” has become the highest sales game on the first day and first week in the PC game history. Many players are crazy for it, on the forum, there are also countless players themselves claim they ask to leave in order to play games on the net, even some players alienates girlfriends because of “Diablo 3”, and so on. But at the same time also want to remind everybody to pay attention to health. Although this is just an extreme, in order to avoid such thing happen again, the player should pay attention to control the reasonable game time. After all, in real life, death will not be resurrection like in the game.
A celebrity has said life has only once, why not does something meaningful?

Surprising message–“Max Payne 3” defeated “Diablo 3” this week

According to the internet, Rockstar recently released a new generation multiplatform shooting game “Max Payne 3”, which defeated the blizzard “Diablo 3” this week and became the number one on this game list in Britain. The two generations of “Max Payne” series is a classic, especially the first generation game brought unprecedented shock to old players. After four years, Rockstar released the “Max Payne 3”, this is the “Max Payne” series top for the first time, and the second generation of games only ranked tenth when launched in the 2003. “Max Payne 3” was also the second sales in issue first week of the year, is second only to “Mass Effect 3”. 58% of its total sales are Xbox 360 version, and the remaining 42% is the PS3 version.
The UK games list didn’t count digital edition game sales. Therefore, blizzard “Diablo 3” narrowly lost 8000 copies to the “Max Payne 3”. “FIFA Street” ranked third, last week’s first “Sniper Elite V2” was fourth, “FIFA 12” ranked fifth. The sixth to the ninth respectively is the “prototype 2”, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”, “Battlefield 3”, and “Assassins Creed: Revelation”.
The ranking list changes every week, can the “Max Payne 3” keep the first in future? We can wait and see.

Detail news of “Rift” soul tree makes you play happily

In addition to the Champion, Paragon, Riftblade, the soul tree of “Rift” has another five kinds of soul.
Beastmaster is good at animals called; the summoned strange animals will assist the Beastmaster to against the enemy, greatly increased combat advantage. At the same time, Beastmaster and his partner can share each other’s ability to strengthen their own through links to support team members.
The characteristic of Paladin is strong barriers-shield in its hands; it defends their teammates from the enemy’s powerful attack. In addition to their own strong ability of the defense, the Paladin is also good at using various counterattack skills, and improves his side teammate’s defense force through the blessing of god.
War lord belongs to supporting soul, is good at using various powerful roars skills, can inspire and strengthen damage of his teammates, and weaken the enemy morale, which let us in the dominant party.
Void Knight can absorb the enemy’s magic attacks and thereby counterattack, also can invalid the weakening magic that the enemy releases on his teammates, even will reflected back weaken effect to their enemy. Void Knight also has the ability to collect magic to attack the enemy actively.
The characteristic of Reaver is doing all kinds of combination attacks with the melee power and death energy. For example give death energy on the weapons, which can make the enemy weaken and lose the ability to resist. Reaver is good at using one-handed weapons and shields, can continue to weaken the enemy and make the attack invalid until it exhausted.
Super high free collocation; cater to all kinds of combat demand
Choose fighter professional players, in the game can choose three collocations from eight different soul talent; players can consider choosing high powerful Champion and the faster Paragon, which can become the high output damage soul combination; or choose Beastmaster and strong defensive ability Paladin with your own summoned animal, become the strongest combination.
In a word, you can accord to you own will create a personality and characteristics warrior.

Reveal the mysterious veil of “Rift” soldiers’ soul tree

Europe and America developers Trion Worlds took five years for creating the “Rift” that has recently released the soul tree of the warrior role in the game, the soul tree talent is one of the biggest characteristic of this game, it lets players customize the career of the features by themselves, even the same career also can appear different tactics and play, let’s take a look at the soul of professional soldiers tree system.
The skill with great anger is superb
The source of warrior skill is strength and anger, the speed of anger response is much faster than mana response, and anger points are red sword symbols in the picture on the screen, the soldiers use some specific skills can produce anger point, most have three, when the players use end skills, they will consume these points. And the damage degree of the end skill also change in accordance with at that time all the anger points of soldiers; The higher points the anger points consumed, the higher the damage degree the end skills causes. How to release the end skills at the right time will test the player’s wisdom and skilled degrees.
Tenacity of Guardian heart and berserker rage blade
In the “Rift”, there is eight gift of soul. Today we say a part.
The Champion is the most outstanding soul in attack force of battle system, they wave strong hands weapons, make all tried to resist them fear. For the Champion, the powerful opponent is just the next ghosts to the sword.
Paragon belongs to a melee attack double soul talent, and attack speed is faster than general warrior, they are good at using various fast attack techniques to make the enemy hard to resist. Their hand weapon in addition to attack the enemy, and can be used to block attacks, so that they can quickly leave the battlefield when they are not well.

Rift blade is good at putting the force of various elements into the weapon, which strengthen their own attack to give the enemy more damage. They also have the ability to resist the magic gun that constituted by enemy elements force, so they have the stronger battle flexibility than other soldiers of the soul.
The other parts I will say in the next passage.

The “GUild War 2” will be on sale this quarter– GameStop revealed

The current momentum of “GUild War 2” is very strong; its popularity does not completely lose to the just release of the “Diablo 3”, but about when this type of game will be on sale makes the players very confused. However, recently large game retailer GameStop on his finance conference call, revealed about the reliable listing time of this game.
In earnings conference, GameStop game retail company chief operating officer Robert Lloyd said, the “GUild Wars 2” will be listed in this quarter, specific days is probably after July. Interestingly, Robert Lloyd said the list time is after July, but in GameStop stores, on the “GUild Wars 2” pre-sale client labeled the launch date of this game is on June 26th this year.
Despite the news came out, ArenaNet game studios employees repeat stressed that, besides ArenaNet officially released “GUild Wars 2” launch date, other unofficial news is not accurate. No matter whether the message is very accurate, but it also shows that the listing time of this game is really getting more and more closer.
The friends who like the game can only continue to wait. Sooner or later, it will be on sale.
GUild War 2

GUild War 2