Formal Edition TERA strengthen early experience in Eu and the US servers


tera game

The TERA was released in North America. TERA Europe serve is about to go up line operation in May 3rd. The game publisher En Masse Entertainment in the official website announced the characteristic of the start of the game, warmly welcomed players to the TERA which has a fantasy world is full of charm.
Official versions of “TERA” strengthen the game experience before the level 20, the task is more diverse, BOSS is more challenging, rewards is more richer, they can be ensure to provide players with great shock in the first time. Through the content of the task of the formal level 20, the player will further understand the background story of the TERA.

tera  game

Novice content reference:
In the begin of the game: The outpost located in the sea was attacked by demonic forces. Can you save your teammates and prevent the occurrence of a military war?
More evil BOSS: Early enemy will have new tactics and more deadly attack.
Task diversified: the TERA has hundreds of thousands of tasks, the tasks will be completely different from those “hunting “, “collecting” and “delivery” task, the tasks will make you understand those rich history and culture of the TERA world.
In addition, the game has added the stage intrusion model, Nexuses has three stages, and each stage has independent monster, task and rewards. Therefore, all occupations can get new skills; they help players to complete combat better. The formal version game have five new copies, the difficulty of the old copies also get the adjustment, the chance of item drops improve, so the player’s growth is more fluent.
In economic terms, the trade intermediary change for better, trading interface is more friendly, enchants no longer have punishment, enchant failure won’t affect equipment performance, if players like the random properties on a particular armor, they can lock them. In addition, the trade intermediary has been added in instead of individual shops. New Denomination currency join in, the economy of the system would also have some adjustment.
En Masse Entertainment said they will increase search tools for the TERA’s copy in recent updates. En Masse said the copy will provide significant gain the effect on the ranks of organization, when the team beat final BOSS, it could get an additional award. The official website has also listed the whole list of the game copy, including new copies and the copy of modified, and the copy of the drop has been adjusted:

game screenshot

Official version will be more daily tasks, clothing items, mount and so on. It looks like that En Masse welcomes all the new players with their utmost sincerity.