Have broken 50 million–the download of the Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Begin from 2009; a called “angry birds” game quickly became popular in the world.
On May 1st, according to technology blog TechCrunch reports, “angry birds” developers Rovio today announced in Twitter: launched only 35 days, Angry Birds space download volume has exceeded 50000000, it becomes the most dramatic growth mobile game in downloading in the history.
Rovio in the published blog article said: “this is surprising; the whole Rovio team feels excited because of the game incredible accepted degree. We pay our most deep gratitude to the fans of the angry birds all over the world. Although this data proves the popularity of angry birds, but for us, the main goal is to continue to create new experience that all love. We just released the first free upgraded version; the future will launch more marvelous things.”
The Angry Birds space added part space elements this time, including gravitational pull. At the beginning of the release, Angry Birds space has 60 checkpoints, Rovio recently added 10 new levels for iOS and Android version. The Angry Birds space also supports the PC and Mac platform.
The autumn of this year will be released 52 set the angry birds cartoon;  it will lead to a new look for its development,because of the same name with the game. Media evaluation, the Angry Birds is trying to create comprehensive entertainment products, including sales, games, movies, cartoons and comedies, like 2.0 times of Disney. The latest data show that in 2010, the valuation of Rovio is $1 billion, and 12 employees; in 2011, the valuation is $2.5 billion, more than 200 employees; in 2012, the supreme valuation is 9 billion dollars, and number of employees is more than 700 people.
About the Angry Birds
Angry Birds is the Rovio recent most successful work, downloads ever broke 12000000 on IOS, the free version of the download also broke 30000000. Until this year, Angry Birds has made billions of Euros, in addition to the development of the sale of related books and toys, Rovio Company also plans to build hundreds of small casino that its theme is Angry Birds.
Angry Birds is a puzzle games, suitable for many people playing, do you play?