What is the advantage between WOW and RIFT?

“Rift”is a 3 DMMORPG web game made by TRION Worlds, before launched, it is called the enemy of “wow” by a lot of media, then let us together entrance into the game in advance, look at the quality of what it exactly has.
The same points:
The preparations before playing: they both introduced former level 20 to play for free and don’t limit time; expense of download client also was excused.
Picture: they are all typical Europe and America web games picture style, the pictures look comfortable, even if no luxury lighting, stunning special effect, they still can give players the enjoyment on the vision in virtue of their unique delicate and elegant.
Race and class: begin to create characters, players need to choose a faction; if players are in the different factions, the race also will be different.
Combat system: they both have the same opposing camps and the same arena.
Atmosphere rendering: they both received the high praise of players in  good game render
Difference points:
Picture: “Wow” pictures are more cartooning, more colorful; but for “rift”, its pictures tend to realistic because of the influence of the story background, it’s a gloomy picture which reflects the feeling of nearly last days .
Effect: the “rift” is more luxuriant, players can see out from a rogue sprint.
Combat system: in the “rift”, death in the arena and combats death will be normal death, players need to hell waiting for resurrection
Task system: now the system of the “rift” task is boring, the design of the task is interesting in “wow”, many tasks were designed accord to the plot of story, and players can play more lively and interesting.
Though there are some faults in “rift”, I believe it will have a bright future.

rift game

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