Exposure big BUG of “TERA” Europe and the United States serves

We knew that “TERA” United States serve was formally commercial operated on May 1st; Europe serve was formally commercial operated on May 3rd. But according to foreign media said, “TERA” was on the line soon in Europe and America serves, the account system of the operator En Masse appeared larger errors. So far, the number of errors affects the game player, the number has reached 2000.
As far as we know, En Masse said before, the game players who buy the game client can get a month free game time, but due to the system error, game players are now required to enter the server only when they purchase month cards, or the login server will appear the “renewal time remaining deficiencies” error when the game players land in.

Game screenshots

In this case, the En Masse said in a statement, had been informed of this situation, and can solve in the shortest time. En Masse also said the main reason was that the game players didn’t entrance into the game as soon as possible after buying the client, but they clicked the payment option mistakenly, which leaded to this problem.
Anyway, the players paid, the operator should be responsible for the game players, and I hope they solve this problem as soon as possible.

game  screenshots