Why these games make me “love and hate cross up”

In the game, challenge is indispensable. We enjoy the joy when we through the difficult level. But if you feel the difficulty of the game is suddenly growing, or you don’t have hope to through, and the difficulty is all set by people, it usually makes a person very frustrated, or even don’t give up to play this game. The following is some difficult games that I think them hard to play; they occasionally will make us have an impulse of breaking things. First I say the following two kinds.
“The F-Zero GX”
I used to think that “the F-Zero”is difficult, but this is more difficult. It is a car racing game based on a set of future. In the game if you have a slight negligence you will fall in the last one. The opponents completely don’t know “fair” which is different from other games. Your opponents would stop you in every corner, especially in the bend knock you out to the circuit with gravity. You will lose most energy because of avoiding the block.
“The soul of darkness”
Namco Bandai told player: you will complain about the difficulty of the game, but at the same time you’ll like it. Its slogan is “ready to death”. The small blame in the game is as difficult as the boss of the other games; eventually getting through the game may make people mad–exploring every place of the games means that players repeat the suffering from torture. Whether how many times you get through the game, it always wants to torture you.
Do you allow my words? If you do, I will introduce other games in the next artical.