The magic of game — happy or sad in the game

The last article tells you two kinds of “love and hate cross up” games, this article will continue introduce to you the other two.

“super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts”
We all know that this game is difficult. Now we have a lingering fear, when players through hardships came to the final hurdle, the game gives us a big “surprise”. At last, through the front levels are only beginning: you must play once again, this time, your task is to collect the goddess bracelet, to challenge the last boss. Why is this? Can the princess tell us in the beginning? And dive attack of the Red Arremer monsters is too accurate.

“The magic:The Gathering—Duels of the Planes walkers”
This is a tough fight, and we finally cut the enemy to leave a little blood. We have been waiting for more than 30 minutes, it is time for the last battle, and do you know what happened? They dug out the perfect card, which can kill us in a round, whether you play with the games player or with the computer. How many times of such things happened I have countless. Really let us be mad.
Playing games is an interesting process, we want to enjoy the joy of the games, not in awkward.