Big good news–“Diablo 3” will officially be sold on May 15

Blizzard officially released in the “Diablo 3″official website, they will release this game on May 15.
Diablo 3 has since announced, it has been the subject of players looking forward to, and today, many of the “Diablo” players will officially usher in this classic game sequel, let us look forward to the released day.
According to Blizzard official introduction, the suggested retail prices of the “Diablo 3” DVD boxed version and digital version are all $59.99. Special white collector’s edition “Diablo 3” is only available in retail stores; the suggested retail price is $99.99. The collector’s edition of the game will include complete DVD client, two sets of blue-ray DVD of the game backstage Disney, the “Diablo 3” music CD, a 208-page original class of “Diablo 3”, a capacity for 4 GB of soul stone U plate (it contains a complete version of the “Diablo 2” and the “Diablo 2″: the destruction of the king”), the corresponding Diablo skull base, as well as the special content of “Diablo 3”, “World of war craft” and “star craft II: wings of liberty TM.
If the players of “Wow” in the American service want to free play the “Diablo 3”, they can buy the years card of “Wow”, now there are already more than 1 million players buy. Through the sales promotion activity, the players who only need to purchase a year of the “Wow”, will get a free digital edition of “Diablo 3”, which can make themselves the first time to enjoy the fun the “Diablo 3” brought about on the May 15. In addition, the player can also get special seat a horse in the “Wow” game and the sealing qualification of the “World of war craft: mists of pandaria TM. And the promotion of activities will be ended at 00:01 in the morning on May 1 (the U.S. Pacific time).
The exciting time is coming, I am looking forward to.