The surprise of “TERA” players –exposure some elements of the game

The operation mode of the “TERA” is similar with most of the 3D online, but it also has some different conventional design. Today, according to the news from internet, below some tips will bring you surprise.
1.Your mouse will often disappear
It is not a new concept for old players. The “DC Universe Online” players will be very easy to know the control method of “TERA”. W, A, S and D keys control movement, but the cursor is locked on the role in the default state. Click the left button is the basic attack, but not is automatic attack, many times click can form chain, the right button is defensive skills, and it”s different between vocational and professional. Press the menu button (default is Alt) will unlock the cursor, which make you normal movement and use interface, etc.
2.Block and evasion is not controlled by attributes
Defense is no longer just equipment attribute. Most classes can be hard fight some monsters of the weak strength, but powerful monsters and special BOSS will force you to move. Before releasing their most serious attack, they will have a brief hint, tell you need immediate be away. With the promotion of your level, you will face more and more powerful enemy, dodge heavy assault and timely counterattack will be very important. Patience and skill is the key to victory, real players can be no any injure in battle.
3.The quest log is filled with hidden information
One of the more wonderful functions of the game is click enemy’s name and role will display on your map with a bright orange, this function is not public explanation in the quest log. If you click monster, all the same kind of biological refresh point will be marked on the map. This function is very practical for a player. After all, sometimes the small map task arrow is not entirely reliable.
I have other points to introduce, please read my next passage tomorrow.