How to play the “TERA” game much better

Do you still play the “TERA”? So you have to know the several elements of the game, in order to play more relaxed and happy.
1.Don’t be necessary to have specific gathering skill and blacksmithing skill
Mining, forging, metallurgy, “TERA” has all the conventional professional skills, but you are able to use those skills without any restrictions. You can learn all the blacksmithing and gathering skills, some race have bonus for specific skills. All of the plants, stones and jewelries are no use restrictions in the game, anyone can gather, if the players get to the corresponding skill level, they can make goods.
2.Some regional is hard to arrive
If you find the way of next region can’t be found, it maybe tell you that you need to climb or through the transmitter. There are a large number of hidden ladders, vines and other alone climbs objects in the game environment. In addition, at least one event need to through transmitter to the specific copy to finish task in every region, the position of the transmitter can easily be found through the quest journal.
3.The rest is mandatory
In addition to health and mana, the role in “TERA” has physical attributes, it’s on behalf of the tired degree of your characters. The initial physical value is 120 points, as you travel, combat and complete tasks, it will gradually decrease. If you are not careful death, it is a double blow. Low energy value will lower your maximum life, mana and the chance of critical strike, so it is not negligible figure. The easiest way to reply physical value is standing near the permanent campfire, or the campfire that using consumables made. If you want to save time and there is extra money, also can find the special clergy NPC in each large city to buy immediately replying physical properties.
You have mastered these factors, so in the game you will play much better. Wish you good luck!