“Diablo 3″—the experience on the first day

“Diablo 3” finally opened yesterday, countless fan enter makes server full, so I never again connect server after the server suddenly dropped. When I backed out from the fierce battle, I can have time to evaluate “Diablo 3”.
I expressed the disappointment in “Diablo 3” BETA test, no beautiful picture, many mindless monsters, and single and clumsy skills BOSS made me suspect that the game was worthy we waiting for 12 years? Blizzard obviously also noticed the player’s response, said BETA test was just test, it won’t let players down in the official version.

Diablo 3
Yesterday, when I looked at familiar monster in familiar place, after click the left mouse button once in familiar fashion to pick up money, I found that the fallen monster incredibly only lost less than half blood. Blizzard really didn’t tell lie, the difficulty of the game get comprehensive promotion from the strange, though the skull king can’t bring much trouble to players, at least it will not be immediately put down. The exciting fight is back, this is the “Diablo 3” that the players want.

Diablo 3
When I entered in the second chapter, I had a familiar feeling, after I defeated the monster out of town; I suddenly understood why I had this feeling. The scene and monsters of the second chapter is very similar with the “Diablo 2”, the big background is desert, and monsters are also monkeys, basilisk and so on. I also found I just experienced in the first chapter, the monster and scenes are similar to “Diablo 2”. I think the players have been used to this lazy behavior of Blizzard, they must remember the same style but different color equipment in the “World of War Craft”.
After all, “Diablo 3” just open, I also just play for a short time, but now it seems that the production level of the game makes players satisfied. It will always let players satisfied all the time in future.