What’s the character of the two camps of “The Elder Scrolls Online”

The Elder Scrolls Online

“The Elder Scrolls Online” is a story about the war in the Tamriel world, this war happened about 1000 years ago. “The Elder Scrolls Online” had been published for a long time, but about the details of the game is still little, just yesterday, I saw the detailed introduction about two of the three big camps of “The Elder Scrolls Online” from a game web, now let me try to introduce to you.
The Daggerfell Covenant is composed by the Orcs, Brighton and bright Red Guard three branches of forces. However, Brighton and bright Red Guard two forces have been internal and external conflicts, the relationship between them is very bad. However, it seems that only time is the best medicine of improving conflict relationship, after a period of time, three teams of forces will become a mutual respect and mutual benefit democratic system. The Orcs and Brighton will set their homes in beautiful GaoShi mainland, and bright Red Guard home is located in the DWTT.
The Aldemeri Dominion is an extremely hostile forces, is consist of the high elves, wood elves and tiger people. The home of the wood elves is in Valencia wood, there is endless forest, they scatter in the forest to enjoy nature of harmony and peace, and establish their own city above the trunk. The high elves live in Summerset Island, while tiger members live in Brownsville, where the climate is especially suitable for planting the month sugar.
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