The “GUild War 2” will be on sale this quarter– GameStop revealed

The current momentum of “GUild War 2” is very strong; its popularity does not completely lose to the just release of the “Diablo 3”, but about when this type of game will be on sale makes the players very confused. However, recently large game retailer GameStop on his finance conference call, revealed about the reliable listing time of this game.
In earnings conference, GameStop game retail company chief operating officer Robert Lloyd said, the “GUild Wars 2” will be listed in this quarter, specific days is probably after July. Interestingly, Robert Lloyd said the list time is after July, but in GameStop stores, on the “GUild Wars 2” pre-sale client labeled the launch date of this game is on June 26th this year.
Despite the news came out, ArenaNet game studios employees repeat stressed that, besides ArenaNet officially released “GUild Wars 2” launch date, other unofficial news is not accurate. No matter whether the message is very accurate, but it also shows that the listing time of this game is really getting more and more closer.
The friends who like the game can only continue to wait. Sooner or later, it will be on sale.
GUild War 2

GUild War 2


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