Reveal the mysterious veil of “Rift” soldiers’ soul tree

Europe and America developers Trion Worlds took five years for creating the “Rift” that has recently released the soul tree of the warrior role in the game, the soul tree talent is one of the biggest characteristic of this game, it lets players customize the career of the features by themselves, even the same career also can appear different tactics and play, let’s take a look at the soul of professional soldiers tree system.
The skill with great anger is superb
The source of warrior skill is strength and anger, the speed of anger response is much faster than mana response, and anger points are red sword symbols in the picture on the screen, the soldiers use some specific skills can produce anger point, most have three, when the players use end skills, they will consume these points. And the damage degree of the end skill also change in accordance with at that time all the anger points of soldiers; The higher points the anger points consumed, the higher the damage degree the end skills causes. How to release the end skills at the right time will test the player’s wisdom and skilled degrees.
Tenacity of Guardian heart and berserker rage blade
In the “Rift”, there is eight gift of soul. Today we say a part.
The Champion is the most outstanding soul in attack force of battle system, they wave strong hands weapons, make all tried to resist them fear. For the Champion, the powerful opponent is just the next ghosts to the sword.
Paragon belongs to a melee attack double soul talent, and attack speed is faster than general warrior, they are good at using various fast attack techniques to make the enemy hard to resist. Their hand weapon in addition to attack the enemy, and can be used to block attacks, so that they can quickly leave the battlefield when they are not well.

Rift blade is good at putting the force of various elements into the weapon, which strengthen their own attack to give the enemy more damage. They also have the ability to resist the magic gun that constituted by enemy elements force, so they have the stronger battle flexibility than other soldiers of the soul.
The other parts I will say in the next passage.