Detail news of “Rift” soul tree makes you play happily

In addition to the Champion, Paragon, Riftblade, the soul tree of “Rift” has another five kinds of soul.
Beastmaster is good at animals called; the summoned strange animals will assist the Beastmaster to against the enemy, greatly increased combat advantage. At the same time, Beastmaster and his partner can share each other’s ability to strengthen their own through links to support team members.
The characteristic of Paladin is strong barriers-shield in its hands; it defends their teammates from the enemy’s powerful attack. In addition to their own strong ability of the defense, the Paladin is also good at using various counterattack skills, and improves his side teammate’s defense force through the blessing of god.
War lord belongs to supporting soul, is good at using various powerful roars skills, can inspire and strengthen damage of his teammates, and weaken the enemy morale, which let us in the dominant party.
Void Knight can absorb the enemy’s magic attacks and thereby counterattack, also can invalid the weakening magic that the enemy releases on his teammates, even will reflected back weaken effect to their enemy. Void Knight also has the ability to collect magic to attack the enemy actively.
The characteristic of Reaver is doing all kinds of combination attacks with the melee power and death energy. For example give death energy on the weapons, which can make the enemy weaken and lose the ability to resist. Reaver is good at using one-handed weapons and shields, can continue to weaken the enemy and make the attack invalid until it exhausted.
Super high free collocation; cater to all kinds of combat demand
Choose fighter professional players, in the game can choose three collocations from eight different soul talent; players can consider choosing high powerful Champion and the faster Paragon, which can become the high output damage soul combination; or choose Beastmaster and strong defensive ability Paladin with your own summoned animal, become the strongest combination.
In a word, you can accord to you own will create a personality and characteristics warrior.