Surprising message–“Max Payne 3” defeated “Diablo 3” this week

According to the internet, Rockstar recently released a new generation multiplatform shooting game “Max Payne 3”, which defeated the blizzard “Diablo 3” this week and became the number one on this game list in Britain. The two generations of “Max Payne” series is a classic, especially the first generation game brought unprecedented shock to old players. After four years, Rockstar released the “Max Payne 3”, this is the “Max Payne” series top for the first time, and the second generation of games only ranked tenth when launched in the 2003. “Max Payne 3” was also the second sales in issue first week of the year, is second only to “Mass Effect 3”. 58% of its total sales are Xbox 360 version, and the remaining 42% is the PS3 version.
The UK games list didn’t count digital edition game sales. Therefore, blizzard “Diablo 3” narrowly lost 8000 copies to the “Max Payne 3”. “FIFA Street” ranked third, last week’s first “Sniper Elite V2” was fourth, “FIFA 12” ranked fifth. The sixth to the ninth respectively is the “prototype 2”, “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3”, “Battlefield 3”, and “Assassins Creed: Revelation”.
The ranking list changes every week, can the “Max Payne 3” keep the first in future? We can wait and see.