A man sudden death because of playing “Diablo 3” game three days

Diablo 3

According to the media reports, a man named Russell Sherry, was found at home on Monday died of heart attack, before his death, it is said that he had fought for the “Diablo 3” for 3 days. Russell also became the first “sacrifice” players since “Diablo 3” was released.
It is reported that sherry is 32 years old and is a home guy. He does not love doing sports at ordinary times. In order to play “Diablo 3” that he expected for a long time, last Friday, specially asked for leave and even played this game three days at home. Until on Monday, colleagues and the landlord found something wrong and visited him, they found that sherry has been dead for a heart attack.
The data shows, “Diablo 3” has become the highest sales game on the first day and first week in the PC game history. Many players are crazy for it, on the forum, there are also countless players themselves claim they ask to leave in order to play games on the net, even some players alienates girlfriends because of “Diablo 3”, and so on. But at the same time also want to remind everybody to pay attention to health. Although this is just an extreme, in order to avoid such thing happen again, the player should pay attention to control the reasonable game time. After all, in real life, death will not be resurrection like in the game.
A celebrity has said life has only once, why not does something meaningful?