“Firefall” will be released without client on Facebook–change the game industry pattern

Recently, according to news from net, “The Ninth” suddenly brings surprising news to watchers that his “Firefall” game will just have cooperation with the Facebook of the Nasdaq IPO; players can experience the full version “Firefall” on community of Facebook through the Cloud Computing Technologies.

According to information, Red5 that is the “Firefall” development team studio recently released a lot of video games on the “Firefall” official page of Facebook, in order to test the interested of Facebook’s users. Once the test results is satisfying, the two sides will have reached a cooperation, through innovation technology, Facebook users can directly through the Facebook page experience the “Firefall”, do not need to download the client. It will be the first time to run a large client online without client on the Facebook. It is worth mentioning that this cooperation is not community game platform making the “Firefall” of web page edition, the core technology of Clouds Game Company Gaikai can let users experience large client online through the browser. According to Gaikai revealed, the players experience the game with the technology without any resolution images and losses of operation speed, and still can keep stereo and low delay characteristics, which means that it is no difference from the player experiencing game in the client.
According to industry analysis, the cooperation between The Ninth and Facebook is the implementation “the global corresponding global” strategy and is based on the marketing transformation. The significance and influence will be involved in the whole internet game industry, or even change the advantage of client online and make it gradually infiltrated web SN game field, through the clouds technology change different forms of game structure and competitive situation. But for old social networking site on Facebook, add the client online system and have cooperation with online development company will break through the bottleneck, broaden the way of the social platform, and will attract more game users; it is a win-win pattern.

It’s not hard to guess, once the “Firefall” is successful cooperation with Facebook, will cause the interest of domestic and international manufacturers. The data shows that by the end of last year, Facebook active users are 845 million people, increase 39% year-on-year. Large user base has great attraction for each big game company, implanting the game into community platform, on the one hand, remove the users download cost, on the other hand attract social platform users through the game core competitiveness, and will have positive effect to increase the number of users for the game itself. It is not difficult to imagine that the success of this case, also effects such as blizzard games tycoon trend, in the near future, players can through the Facebook experience “Mists of Pandaria”, “Rift” and so on is not impossible.