How to quickly upgrade the levels during 50-60 in “Diablo 3”

I found that the battle is quite difficult in hell model the same with a lot of ordinary players, so we have to choice to repeat refresh monster in order to upgrade figures to 60 levels quickly. This method need often to newly enter into the game, so it’s not suitable to use while waiting in line.
When I was in 51 levels, bought a weapon with a little savings, and then found:
I studied all the tasks, found an upgrade holy land, where can easily upgrade to 60 levels.
1: choose the second small task of chapter 2 in hell model: on the way to Aukanasi.
2: choose the second task among them: lieutenant Watts.
3: enter the game, transmit to task locations, and make a dialogue with lieutenant and receive the quests, then enter into a cellar near it. Go to the edge of the cage, gather the monsters and kill them, then save person. After NPC running out, wait 5 seconds, go out of the cellar. Kill all the outside monsters, the mission is accomplished. Players will get 5oooo points experience award and 1230 gold coins.
4: leave the game and repeat the first step.

Diablo 3
You can do it once in 90 seconds, add monsters experience, upgrade will be very fast, and the monster is common, there is no security problem.
Tip: don’t try to this method when many people are in game, a small back may be waiting in line.
1. Strongly recommend to come again after 54 levels, because there is shield skill in there, all above 35% damage will be less.
2. If lazy or weak to this place, let senior friends give you a map.
3. My skills are two output skill, snake and arcane ball, and other used to saving life. The two skills output is enough. You are good at using you weapon is very important.
4. Repeat to refresh monsters can’t drop good equipment, I totally refresh 20 times and only have 3 or 4 gold equipments, but drops more gems, gold, precious stones (have triangle and square), and blacksmith’s drawings, and often have the small monsters drop money and don’t strike back.
Some suggestions are from internet, hope that can help you.

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