Some small intimate skills in “Diablo 3” you may not notice

Those little skill or little detail in the game you may ignore, although each is not necessarily accurate, must help you when first play the game.
1. The thief carrying gold wears white and blue clothes, general the blue is better for the fall, treasure box is also, there is a chance of treasures will be particularly bright;
2. Selling formula in the auction can be canceled at any time;
3. When search equipment in the auction, if input prices in the following “price cap”, it will automatically filter those treasure that don’t have accurate price;
4. In the auction, price of power equipment general is lower, there are five kinds of careers, only one is power, but the drop is the average;
5. Sogou input method is unable to come out select box in the game, as long as set the “full screen window” model;
6. If you are beaten to die by strong monster, your body will fly like a breaking line kite to the distance, weapons also fly and you don’t know where it is, your entourage will immediately go down, but NPC will still resist;
7. Point right key, your entourage can help him to wash the talent points, give him a good weapon, DPS can literally add on 3000;
8. The following Witch should be a 1500 years old spinster, but like ambiguity with the paladin, also don’t dislike rogue flirt, if your character is a female characters, the witch even envy your dress and figure;
9. Equipment attribute generated is confirmed in the moment of the boss dropping the equipment, whether you change clothes and bath, or petals washing, and identification only help you be out from your dream into a reality;
10. Weapons have direct damage and added elements damage (such as toxins, and fire, and so on), but when calculating DPS, it is equally, choose which kind of weapon, depend on your opinions;
11. The first act has a lot of hate fatty, before die, they will exposé, and then come out many small snakes, the strange monsters sometimes will help you to kill the small monster around your figure;
12. Until now, Leah’s father doesn’t appear, can guess let Leah’s mother conceive should be the diablo person form, or even the boss of the next expansion;
13. If die too long time, when need to resurrection will continue several minutes, this time return to the town for a while, and can continue to fight;
14. All the role of an account can share a locker, it means that if there are many things that your locker can’t hold them, can build a few small role as the warehouse, and it is also very convenient to take things.

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