The Secret World–the dark forest scene is introduced

"The Secret World" will be on sale in early July and operated, Funcom game company is doing a lot of news propaganda. In a blog of this company has just released, game production personnel introduced the task area called "dark forest".

The Secret World
In this village "Harbaburesti" that are defiled by vampire, and behind a lot of farmland around the village, there is a foggy and very mysterious forest. The forest is dark and deep, once was the birthplace of the magic story. It is said that it’s the place where the Iele sings to lure man, the old witch Padurii lures children, and eats them a feast; here at the same time it’s the place where god blesses, and Mosul tells the magic story.
The forest was the forgotten biological shelter, a safe harbor that was trusted and respected by people. Here was the home where the ordinary person and the mages peaceful coexistence, mutual understanding, and live together.
But when the vampire broke the old armistice agreement, rushed out in the dark of night, all the myths and peace are all broken.
And now, that fairy story becomes the horror story, those native people in the forest either become the mob, or run away from their homes.
A vampire slayer organization called "Draculesti" also came here, and what the players need to do is into this piece of wasteland and carrying out mission after the vampire army arrival.
When you read this, are you moved? "The Secret world" will be released on July 3th; the players who participate in presale today can get into the game to experience.

"The Secret World" will be opened on June 29th

Today "The Secret World" will be listed; the game did a lot of the news propaganda in the Internet. First was the game of the creative director Ragnar Tornquist accepted the media interviews. He talked about the current Settings of the game, and the adjustment before them finally opening the game.
The game website Gamespot released a new propaganda video would last six minutes, in which shows a few big scene of the game, including the Savage Coast, Transylvania, and Egypt.
In addition, Funcom also updated some really important news about the game releasing time in the official BBS. First of all, those players who purchase the game can officially land game servers at noon on June 29th in the eastern time of United States. However, the players who purchase the game much earlier can also "much earlier " land into server than other players, as well as those who buy "Grand Master" game package.
Finally, Funcom decided to reduce the monthly fees of the game in order to enable it to be the same with "the unification price standards of European", the price is 11.49 Euros (include VAT).

The Secret World
It’s a good news, isn’t it? Let us be looking forward to its opening.

Whole analytic the armor skills in the "Halo 4" game

After the "Halo: Reach", "Halo 4" will again offer an amazing multiplayer experience, I believe the "Halo 4" won’t let you disappointed.

Halo 4
After add into the new armor ability, the tactics bag, support upgrading and the armor custom function even including new cooperative game model–Spartan mission, the "Halo 4" will allow you to experience the best multiplayer experience on Xbox 360 platform.
Promote bag
The official calls this "M805X" push package mobile accelerated system in aim to assist the user to get the higher speed in the battle, quickly shorten the distance between the target and them and escape from danger in seconds.
Strong light shield
This "Z-90" strong light shield originally involved by the pioneers, after opening, will reject a large of photons that can form a strong shield but need consume energy; it can effectively cut off into the bullets that are shot up to the wearer, it can protect the whole body of Spartan after opening.
Prometheus optical system
Prometheus optical system is another technology that is designed by the pioneers, it can help users better distinguish the enemy position; at the same time also can faintly appear enemy who wears the optical camouflage. This short range optical system can be effective distinguish the enemy’s figure, at the same time also can detect enemy that hides in the back of the bunkers.

optical system
Holographic bait
This type of "T-27" holographic bait sometimes is referred to as the "holographic bait", it can imitate the wearer’s appearance to set up a holographic reproductions, let the enemy not know what to do, but also give the chance to wearer to launch the attacks.

What games are the most looking forward to in summer vacation

Summer vacation is coming, many game work choose to put on sale in this golden period. But so many games, which are the high-quality goods? Below a few games is definitely worth looking forward to.
“Tony Hawk HD edition” (in July XBLA/PSN)

Tony Hawk HD edition
Do you still remember 900°stunner? Do you still remember you once continuously break high score? This summer, let the “Tony Hawk HD edition” recall you the fading day!
“Theatrhythm Final Fantasy” (in July 6th, 3 DS)

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
If you are a player more preference “rhythm action theater”, “Theatrhythm Final Fantasy” is your first choice! It integrates the background music of “Final Fantasy” series into a music rhythm game. The players who like role-playing game, and the rhythm game, this summer will be more exciting!
“Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition” (in August 24th, the PC)

Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition
The players who have battered plot or dare to challenge them can come to try on.
“Metal Gear Solid HD Collection” (in June 29th, PS Vita)

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection
The HD collection also can be regarded as the most worth expecting game series, even without the PSP classic game “Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker”! Whether shuttle back and forth in the jungle of Soviet Union, or drive a tank in New York, this game can let you indulge 30 hours or more. Don’t you believe? You can try.
“Sleeping Dogs” (in August 17th, Xbox 360/PS3)

Sleeping Dogs
The game is not Hollywood underground hurricane game, and more shuttles back and forth in four administrative region of Hong Kong. In addition to struggle with gangster gang, we can also experience singing Karaoke, participate in fighting club, shopping and even join gamecock, and other entertainment let us forget to return.
What about these games?

Buy the “Rift” the expansion will free get the originated content

Trion Worlds are preparing for the next large expansion pack “Storm Legion” of “Rift”, in order to the benefit of players, new players buy the client of the new expansion will free get all content of the previous versions of the “Rife” game.

the new expansion pack
The “Storm Legion” expansion pack that players buy will include all game content of the original version of the “Rift”, and players can only spend money on buying the expansion pack but can get all this, this also can say it  is a kind of strategy that this company attracts new players to the game.
In addition, Trion Worlds also prepared some favorable activity for the old players–buying the new expansion will get discount. So, the old players cost only part of the money, can experience the new game content, the higher character level, better handicrafts manufacturing content, and new talent.

the new expansion pack
It’s good news for the players who like playing this game. I believe in the future, the number of the players playing the “Rift” will be more and more.

Do you know the big change in Diablo 3

Diablo diablo 3

The comprehensive change
(1) The animations play speed of resurrection teammates is no longer association with your attack speed.
(2) The player in hell difficulty will not enter into purgatory difficulty by the way of creating and leaving the public games.
(3) When the single player play games, can’t avoid death again through pausing the game and landing on the account in other computers.
(4) Improve some performance for the PC version and MAC version client.
(5) Fixed the BUG that allows players temporarily to pick up the items belongs to other accounts.
The change in auction houses
(1) The items state notes will now correctly show the items attributes after inlaying the gem in auction house.
(2) The affix professional limited will now correctly display the properly defined career.
(3) When players are unable to store the goods in storehouse will not continue to buy a large number of article.
(4) The information on each tag that shows in the auction house now should be reset correctly when log out.
Fixed the skills of a lot of role in the game, when you log in, you will know clearly.

Diablo 3 big change–V1.0.3 patch update

Diablo 3 update instructions
diablo 3

The comprehensive
1, in order to avoid to unconscious let the monster rush into the village from other place, it will have the portal in the New Tristram and at the end of bridge in Wail Canyon. Towns should always is safety zone far away from the fighting, the change would save New Tristram’s residents from the threat of evil forces outside the wall.
2, now it can use the currency of Chile, Argentina and Brazil to trade in cash auction houses.
Comprehensive change
1, the friends name will rank in alphabetical order in buddy list now, real ID friends are in the front, and then nickname friends are ranked behind in
2, fast join menu now is also ranked according to the order, real ID friends are in the front, and then nickname friends are ranked behind in
3, it now can save your chat setting and option when you log out.
BUG repair
In the channel where has many people use "/who" command will not lead to the client collapse.
"Asked to join the team" button in the following situation will now turn grey:
(1) Refuse to join when invite.
(2) Send out the group invitation and refuse.
(3) Accept group invited, but immediately leave the team.
Role screen now should show the right section and the information of tasks.
Craftsman system
Comprehensive change
The forging expenses of all items in level 1-59 are lower 50% to 75%.
The blacksmith
The cost of training the blacksmith reduces 50%.
It decreases the number of forging book pages, the book of forging and mysterious that upgrade needs.
(1) The number that basic level needs is reduced from 5 to 1 page per book.
(2) The number of the glory master needs is reduced from 5 to 2 pages per book.
The items have three modification affix no longer needs forging pages or forging book when forge.
The items that have four modified affix and five modified affix (including purgatory difficulty items) need much less gold when forge.
The chance of getting legend level material will reduce when decompose the 60th level items.

“Diablo 3” server frequently appears problems

At present, “Diablo 3” becomes the highest sales game of the first day and the first week in PC game history. But, in the back of the highest sales produces a new problem–server problem outbreak. Due to the huge users, blizzard server obviously doesn’t operate well. The success of the sales volume can only show the quality, but want to get full marks to must be strict with the quality of the service, or it’s not more acceptable that the game we buy can’t play. The servers problems in “Diablo” series seem always have some problems, which reflect the blizzard pays attention to development, and ignore service.

Diablo 3
After “Diablo 3” was on sale in May 15th in Korea server, because a lot of the players log in the game at same time leads to “Diablo 3” Korea server appearing big obstacles. Because South Korea “Diablo 3” server frequently appeared barriers, which provoked South Korean Ministry of Culture impatient, recently ordered blizzard in South Korea to add new game server, and did the relevant instructions. Meanwhile, South Korean Ministry of Culture also hoped that blizzard in South Korea made an apology to all South Korean players, and sent out the corresponding props to players.
Because the problems exist between the players and game company are not related to relevant legal problems, blizzard won’t get any legal sanction. But the “Diablo 3” server frequently appears obstacles also let the relevant staff in blizzard of South Korea very confused, the helpless completely exposes service quality problem. If this problem continues to happen, blizzard will lose more users.

Good news–“Star Wars OL” will be completely free

BioWare chief designer Emmanul Lusinchi recently reveals “Star Wars: The Old Republic” shocking news, says the game will be transformation into free mode. Lusinchi reveals that studios are investigating the relevant feasibility: “we are considering free model, but couldn’t tell you the detail. We need a detailed flexible to adapt to the situation.”
Lusinchi revealed the news in an interview; he said the game met a lot of challenges in the present market popular free game. Although “The Old Republic” has a huge user groups, but contrast the peak earlier this year, it has lost 400000 subscribers and some of the development members.

Star Wars OL
Lusinchi said the challenge not only is from “The Old Republic” payment mode, but also from the other strong opponents. “If is just the free game, their quality couldn’t compare with us, so the free game is not problems, but at present, there are also other great game, more will be on sale, the competition will have a great impact on the plan.”
In addition, Electronic Arts manager Frank Gibeau also revealed the same idea in the recent interview. He said: “in the long run, we will certainly open free threshold, free demo, finally it will becomes a free game.” Gibeau also stressed that EA was also very proud of “The Old Republic”, and more excited about the sale of the game.
But he doesn’t think the pay mode will perish. “I don’t think that pay mode will disappear, but when you are running such big brand like the “Star Wars”, we will surely observe the business opportunities to sustainable development, seek the way to attract more customers and provide service for them.” He said.
We players have heard “The Old Republic” will open free demo next month in the just past E3 show, but from now, the game may be completely free mode in the future.