Talk about some the reverse of our expectation things in DotA games

From the beginning of playing DotA to now LOL, to recently have free time to play several AOS games, the campaigns I experience at least also have thousands, regardless of winning or losing, the experience in the game can publish a book. There are joy, passion, exclamation, sorrow, grief, and despair. Sometimes playing games is really like experiencing all kinds of life, what kind of ally will have and what events will happen at any time, without warning. Just want to say that pigs might fly, many things are not surprising and often the things find you. So do you remember the following scenario?
The out of expectation outfit make people know not whether to laugh or cry
When you see a mage with the best equipment, for example the world devastator’s hat, ice rod, time, and shoes…… what feeling will you have? I want to say:” Master, what the fantastic equipment it is!” We always can meet this kind of “ace” in the qualifying, one side saying him not deceive others, and is the group war killer, but in the end, only the sharp adding blood skills lets the person can’t believe. Steal tower, rob head! Is this what you should do? But at that time we only were in tears.
About the AOS game, of course, need to see the player’s operation consciousness, but equipment is basis, if can’t find their own orientation, wear no suitable equipment, or go crowd route, play interesting and unique, most will be hated by the entire group. Once when, I have seen this person.
Is hero or bear?
In addition to Gank, Solo, the fun I play AOS games is group war! If you constantly play individualism, as well as playing single game at home. Often there is a “genre”, claim that he can win everyone, all kinds of grass, shadow, face to face, kill person in ten walks! You are very strong, I admit, the key is we are against the game in team. Play alone can’t save the world!
Is it to leave while the going is good?
I play Dota, LOL and heroes of the three kingdoms, what I depend on? Wisdom! Gimmick! Consciousness! Cooperation! These are indispensable, but are these enough? No! Because I play is for the passion, is for the sense of achievement. Go ahead bravely is foolhardiness. We should need us bravely, we must be brave. The war is emergence or both sides are in well balance, a person is the three step of a hide, five steps annealing, to be obsequious, and creep. I want to say:” this sir, do you go shopping?” Our fresh bodies can’t afford!