Reveal the “TERA” latest version in South Korea server

In early March, the “TERA” has large-scale upgraded and added the “Yall Kun queen Part1 “game content.
The updated content of Yall Kun queen Part1 includes the level cap of game vocational character adjustment, new items to join, new copy regional and other rich content. And also upgrade and update PVE game content. However, players pay more attention to the balance problem between vocational characters and relatively PVP game content doesn’t change a lot. But in the upcoming Yall Kun queen Part 2 updating, will adjust these content, this is also the official has been public before.
In order to understand the content of the relevant update, the reporter recently came to visit South Korea bluehole company design director Mr. Lee and made an interview.
Completely constructing the main story content through Part2, the story content is mainly designed around player character…
The game design director Mr. Lee said: “the updating story contents in Yall Kun queen are quite simple. The player goal is just need to destroy Sadelamanayiya who manufactures the Yall Kun. So after the content of Part 1 and Part 2 complete setting up together, all the stories will end.
Add two new copies area, and there are all kinds of new types of BOSS is about to join
The game design director Mr. Lee said: “it will add new copies area in the game Part2; it will be divided into two levels, and will have new BOSS monsters to get on stage.”
“At present, the copy is being designed in game, and also includes various types of BOSS monster. These monsters will go against the player character with the completely new skill.”
In addition, all kinds of new equipments will still attract players, in a word, let us wait and see.