“Diablo 3” cash auction will be open on June 12th


According to the latest news, “Diablo 3” the gold auction announces the June 12th is the new opening time of the auction house, cash auction will allow the players of “Diablo 3” to earn real money through selling the rare drops in the game.
The gold auction has been opened in the game, but can only use the game currency to trade. So will you use the “Diablo 3” cash auction?
In the auction, if players use games currency to sell weapons, armor, jewelry or the unique items, blizzard will charge 15% of the profits. If you use real currency trading, no matter how much the amount of transaction is, the Blizzard will charge $1 each transaction.

If players sell gems, dye or formula such goods, whether you use the game currency or the real money, Blizzard will charge the 15% of the final transaction price.
After finishing the reality currency trading, you can choose how to charge for trade money. If you choose to turn money into battle.net account, will not charge for extra fee. If you choose to put money into foreign trade payment portal, blizzard will extra charge for the 15% of the trade money as handling fee.
So I want to say which way you choose according to your will.