“Diablo 3” cash auction has been online in North America

According to the news from the internet, Blizzard recently released cash auction online guide, please pay attention to browse relevant information. Current cash auction only limited to North America and register accounts to use in North America server, at the same time, the role in expert model can’t use cash auction house.

cash auction
“Diablo 3” cash auction is already online every week, its support currency are dollars, Australian and Mexican pesos. Through the cash auction houses, players can buy and sell loots that are found in the game, and do cash trading through the authentication of third party payment service or battle.net balance accounts.
The cash auction in Europe and other currencies in American region (Chilean Peso, Argentina Peso and Brail REAL) will be opened later. We separately develop cash auction houses to ensure all the players will be able to have the most smoothly and good experience. We will announce when other currencies are online in Europe and America.
If players want to visit cash auction houses, click the role and choose “the auction house” button on the left of the screen, and then in the auction house interface, the button in the upper right corner will show the currency in your area. This button will allow players to switch between gold and the cash auction house. Players in Latin American will be able to transactions by selecting dollars, Australian and Mexican Pesos.

the auction house

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