Good news–“Star Wars OL” will be completely free

BioWare chief designer Emmanul Lusinchi recently reveals “Star Wars: The Old Republic” shocking news, says the game will be transformation into free mode. Lusinchi reveals that studios are investigating the relevant feasibility: “we are considering free model, but couldn’t tell you the detail. We need a detailed flexible to adapt to the situation.”
Lusinchi revealed the news in an interview; he said the game met a lot of challenges in the present market popular free game. Although “The Old Republic” has a huge user groups, but contrast the peak earlier this year, it has lost 400000 subscribers and some of the development members.

Star Wars OL
Lusinchi said the challenge not only is from “The Old Republic” payment mode, but also from the other strong opponents. “If is just the free game, their quality couldn’t compare with us, so the free game is not problems, but at present, there are also other great game, more will be on sale, the competition will have a great impact on the plan.”
In addition, Electronic Arts manager Frank Gibeau also revealed the same idea in the recent interview. He said: “in the long run, we will certainly open free threshold, free demo, finally it will becomes a free game.” Gibeau also stressed that EA was also very proud of “The Old Republic”, and more excited about the sale of the game.
But he doesn’t think the pay mode will perish. “I don’t think that pay mode will disappear, but when you are running such big brand like the “Star Wars”, we will surely observe the business opportunities to sustainable development, seek the way to attract more customers and provide service for them.” He said.
We players have heard “The Old Republic” will open free demo next month in the just past E3 show, but from now, the game may be completely free mode in the future.