“Diablo 3” server frequently appears problems

At present, “Diablo 3” becomes the highest sales game of the first day and the first week in PC game history. But, in the back of the highest sales produces a new problem–server problem outbreak. Due to the huge users, blizzard server obviously doesn’t operate well. The success of the sales volume can only show the quality, but want to get full marks to must be strict with the quality of the service, or it’s not more acceptable that the game we buy can’t play. The servers problems in “Diablo” series seem always have some problems, which reflect the blizzard pays attention to development, and ignore service.

Diablo 3
After “Diablo 3” was on sale in May 15th in Korea server, because a lot of the players log in the game at same time leads to “Diablo 3” Korea server appearing big obstacles. Because South Korea “Diablo 3” server frequently appeared barriers, which provoked South Korean Ministry of Culture impatient, recently ordered blizzard in South Korea to add new game server, and did the relevant instructions. Meanwhile, South Korean Ministry of Culture also hoped that blizzard in South Korea made an apology to all South Korean players, and sent out the corresponding props to players.
Because the problems exist between the players and game company are not related to relevant legal problems, blizzard won’t get any legal sanction. But the “Diablo 3” server frequently appears obstacles also let the relevant staff in blizzard of South Korea very confused, the helpless completely exposes service quality problem. If this problem continues to happen, blizzard will lose more users.