The Secret World–the dark forest scene is introduced

"The Secret World" will be on sale in early July and operated, Funcom game company is doing a lot of news propaganda. In a blog of this company has just released, game production personnel introduced the task area called "dark forest".

The Secret World
In this village "Harbaburesti" that are defiled by vampire, and behind a lot of farmland around the village, there is a foggy and very mysterious forest. The forest is dark and deep, once was the birthplace of the magic story. It is said that it’s the place where the Iele sings to lure man, the old witch Padurii lures children, and eats them a feast; here at the same time it’s the place where god blesses, and Mosul tells the magic story.
The forest was the forgotten biological shelter, a safe harbor that was trusted and respected by people. Here was the home where the ordinary person and the mages peaceful coexistence, mutual understanding, and live together.
But when the vampire broke the old armistice agreement, rushed out in the dark of night, all the myths and peace are all broken.
And now, that fairy story becomes the horror story, those native people in the forest either become the mob, or run away from their homes.
A vampire slayer organization called "Draculesti" also came here, and what the players need to do is into this piece of wasteland and carrying out mission after the vampire army arrival.
When you read this, are you moved? "The Secret world" will be released on July 3th; the players who participate in presale today can get into the game to experience.

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