“Diablo 3” server frequently appears problems

At present, “Diablo 3” becomes the highest sales game of the first day and the first week in PC game history. But, in the back of the highest sales produces a new problem–server problem outbreak. Due to the huge users, blizzard server obviously doesn’t operate well. The success of the sales volume can only show the quality, but want to get full marks to must be strict with the quality of the service, or it’s not more acceptable that the game we buy can’t play. The servers problems in “Diablo” series seem always have some problems, which reflect the blizzard pays attention to development, and ignore service.

Diablo 3
After “Diablo 3” was on sale in May 15th in Korea server, because a lot of the players log in the game at same time leads to “Diablo 3” Korea server appearing big obstacles. Because South Korea “Diablo 3” server frequently appeared barriers, which provoked South Korean Ministry of Culture impatient, recently ordered blizzard in South Korea to add new game server, and did the relevant instructions. Meanwhile, South Korean Ministry of Culture also hoped that blizzard in South Korea made an apology to all South Korean players, and sent out the corresponding props to players.
Because the problems exist between the players and game company are not related to relevant legal problems, blizzard won’t get any legal sanction. But the “Diablo 3” server frequently appears obstacles also let the relevant staff in blizzard of South Korea very confused, the helpless completely exposes service quality problem. If this problem continues to happen, blizzard will lose more users.

Good news–“Star Wars OL” will be completely free

BioWare chief designer Emmanul Lusinchi recently reveals “Star Wars: The Old Republic” shocking news, says the game will be transformation into free mode. Lusinchi reveals that studios are investigating the relevant feasibility: “we are considering free model, but couldn’t tell you the detail. We need a detailed flexible to adapt to the situation.”
Lusinchi revealed the news in an interview; he said the game met a lot of challenges in the present market popular free game. Although “The Old Republic” has a huge user groups, but contrast the peak earlier this year, it has lost 400000 subscribers and some of the development members.

Star Wars OL
Lusinchi said the challenge not only is from “The Old Republic” payment mode, but also from the other strong opponents. “If is just the free game, their quality couldn’t compare with us, so the free game is not problems, but at present, there are also other great game, more will be on sale, the competition will have a great impact on the plan.”
In addition, Electronic Arts manager Frank Gibeau also revealed the same idea in the recent interview. He said: “in the long run, we will certainly open free threshold, free demo, finally it will becomes a free game.” Gibeau also stressed that EA was also very proud of “The Old Republic”, and more excited about the sale of the game.
But he doesn’t think the pay mode will perish. “I don’t think that pay mode will disappear, but when you are running such big brand like the “Star Wars”, we will surely observe the business opportunities to sustainable development, seek the way to attract more customers and provide service for them.” He said.
We players have heard “The Old Republic” will open free demo next month in the just past E3 show, but from now, the game may be completely free mode in the future.

“Diablo 3” cash auction has been online in North America

According to the news from the internet, Blizzard recently released cash auction online guide, please pay attention to browse relevant information. Current cash auction only limited to North America and register accounts to use in North America server, at the same time, the role in expert model can’t use cash auction house.

cash auction
“Diablo 3” cash auction is already online every week, its support currency are dollars, Australian and Mexican pesos. Through the cash auction houses, players can buy and sell loots that are found in the game, and do cash trading through the authentication of third party payment service or battle.net balance accounts.
The cash auction in Europe and other currencies in American region (Chilean Peso, Argentina Peso and Brail REAL) will be opened later. We separately develop cash auction houses to ensure all the players will be able to have the most smoothly and good experience. We will announce when other currencies are online in Europe and America.
If players want to visit cash auction houses, click the role and choose “the auction house” button on the left of the screen, and then in the auction house interface, the button in the upper right corner will show the currency in your area. This button will allow players to switch between gold and the cash auction house. Players in Latin American will be able to transactions by selecting dollars, Australian and Mexican Pesos.

the auction house

Can these are helpful to you? If you want more about the cash auction of “Diablo 3”, must read my next message.


Big exposure the first content of “Vindictus”—archer Kaye

The most expecting fifth professional in “Vindictus”—archer Kaye will be opened recently, I believe that everyone curiosity and expectation already are at the top! Now let’s first experience.
First, the unprecedented archers
The new role—archer Kaye not only inherits the ” Vindictus” features “luxuriant skills”, “strong blow feeling”, and “high interactive with the player”. In addition to the above characteristics, Kaye combat method is also very unique, even might say is “unprecedented” in many online archers! Why to say so? What difference does he have? Besides agile skill and remote high output, Kaye is a fearing opponent when have closing combat. Kaye uses the most direct way to give each other a fatal blow, through closing to enemy let output get the highest and most centralized, and he can freely escape from encirclement.

the archer Kaye
2. The new core of team
The birth of Kate has special meaning for “Vindictus”. Kaye can flexible switch his own weapons, and is a hero can adjust the position and role, it can be said that none of people can compare with him. Kaye also has group attack skills and can “block the enemy action” field control skills, which make the team dash and tactics withdrawal much faster and safety. Not only so, Kaye is the unprecedented first hero can “sniper” the boss.
Kaye, he is a high output hero, he is so powerful that his birth is for fight, he is the only one core of team.

the archer Kaye
The player’s support is our biggest power, let us meet in the ” Vindictus” Kaye experience service!

About “Diablo 3” equipment attack speed and share personal experience

Some studies and conclusions about the attack rate
1. The weapons have attack rate bonus is not worse than no attack speed bonus, even if the same DPS and critical injury hands crossbow which just have differences in attack rate.
2. Weapons have attack rate bonus may be better than no attack speed bonus.
3. The damage in deputy and equipment is completely limited by attack rate bonus in final damage panel. The higher the attack rate, the more the bonus, it directly leads to the master professional of deputy as far as possible choose the weapon of fast attack rate to get as much as possible the deputy damage bonus under the premise of needing to close DPS if have senior injury deputy. Both hands weapons are also similarly, just the damage of their equipment is tiny before the monster deputy.
4. How the Demon Hunter to choose the weapon and the crossbow ambition, because the weapon only has lord attributes and critical strike damage (insert hole would count for 60%-80% critical injuries, according to the economic condition), can be roughly calculated that the same DPS weapons which have more primary attribute and conversion to lord attributes. Agile income will be linear decreasing, but in the interval that a weapon can decide, almost need not calculation.

“Diablo 3” cash auction will be open on June 12th


According to the latest news, “Diablo 3” the gold auction announces the June 12th is the new opening time of the auction house, cash auction will allow the players of “Diablo 3” to earn real money through selling the rare drops in the game.
The gold auction has been opened in the game, but can only use the game currency to trade. So will you use the “Diablo 3” cash auction?
In the auction, if players use games currency to sell weapons, armor, jewelry or the unique items, blizzard will charge 15% of the profits. If you use real currency trading, no matter how much the amount of transaction is, the Blizzard will charge $1 each transaction.

If players sell gems, dye or formula such goods, whether you use the game currency or the real money, Blizzard will charge the 15% of the final transaction price.
After finishing the reality currency trading, you can choose how to charge for trade money. If you choose to turn money into battle.net account, will not charge for extra fee. If you choose to put money into foreign trade payment portal, blizzard will extra charge for the 15% of the trade money as handling fee.
So I want to say which way you choose according to your will.