How innocent the computer games—the shooting cases are due to them (part two)

The explosion shooting case happening in Utoeya Island of Norway is related with “World of Warcraft”

On July 23, 2011, near the Norway government office building located in the downtown of Oslo happened on exploding, eight people died and 30 people were injured. After the bomb blasting 2 hours, a shooting event happened in Utoeya Island in the west of Oslo, a gunman dressed as the police shot to the crowd who joined in the youth league was held by Norway ruling labor party and killed 69 people and 66 people wounded, the suspect was arrested on the spot. The gunner is 32-year-old Norwegian Anders Behring Breivik.
According to the report, Breivik spent “a lot of time” on playing shooting games. In 2006, he used a year time to play online game “World of Warcraft” to make exercises for the shooter and fled. The game is also regarded as one of the reasons that caused Breivik abnormal spirit and did brutal action by experts.
German school shootings case and “Counter-Terrorism”

On March 12, 2009, a shooting massacre was occurred in Germany. A young man named Tim Kretschma (17 years old), armed to break into a classroom of his Alma mater, killed 15 students were preparing for having lesson, and finally commit suicide with his gun before the police coming.
According to the AP and many media reported, one of the causes of the massacre is because young Kretschma, usually likes playing the “counter-terrorism”. When many media reported this matter, all said the “Counter-Terrorism”, and used “finish tasks through the murder” such a kind of puzzling way to describe the game. Finally, they also emphasized his classmates Aki a testimonial: “he plays very well.”

How innocent the computer games—the shooting cases are due to them

On July 20th, 2012, the shooting case happening in Denver again put the games on the peak of public opinion. It seems that the games always appear before the mainstream media with killers, and trigger a hot debate public opinion. No matter whether the games really can induce crime, let us look at what games are so unlucky that relates with the killers.
American Denver shooting case and Mario kart

the gunner of Denver shooting case
On July 20, 2012, in Denver of Colorado, United States, in a cinema, a 24-year-old man James Eagan Holmes attacked the premiere audience watching the movie “Batman prequel 3: The Dark Knight Rises” by using four kinds of guns and tear bomb. At present, this attack caused 12 people died, and 59 injured. Then the criminal was soon arrested outside the cinema by the police.
Then, the American Cable News Network (CNN) freelance writer speculated recently that he was inspired from video games and made the shooting plan. In addition to CNN, more media have no reason to think the shooting case is related with various games just because the murderer likes computer games, in which includes most FPS games, role playing games, “World of Warcraft”, “Guitar Hero”, “Mario kart” and so on, it really made the game players not know whether laugh or cry.

"The Guild Wars 2" recently opened the final test activity

The Guild Wars 2

The next generation MMORPG "The Guild Wars 2" that was developed by the ArenaNet has recently opened the final test activities of the game, and we are also very fortune to be able to be demo game. In the demo process, the producers added two new races in works, so we make the comprehensive analysis from creating role, fighting, the task and skills setting.
Create role
"The Guild Wars 2" is in order to allow players to regain the spirit of the role playing, establishes the role story identity. And in personal story, any option will be profound influence to the story way and the story, which is different from other online games, even if in the process you will meet many heroes to together adventure, but "The Guild Wars 2" will make you true create and live in a hero story belongs to your personal, and players can also invite companions to create his own story.
The task
"The Guild Wars 2" now adapt to dynamic events, in addition to the bondage of players in the traditional task mode, whether the player is participating according to the region to judge, and give different awards in the light of contribution. More important is in the game of “The Guild Wars 2 ", doesn’t exist the robbing monster problem, and hope that all people can joint to achieve the goal of events will need, and the system will also adjust the strong or weak according to the amount of area, which makes events more challenging, the game offers many dynamic events that waits for players to explore.

What the worst electronic games in the first half 2012–part two

Sixth: "Steel Battallion: Heavy Armor"
Rating: 3.0
The Comment: it is a nightmare in every aspect
Spitslot: this game supports four people online; do you want to share the pain to your friends?
Fifth: "Ninja Ryuukenden 3"
Rating: 3.0
The Comment: it is the worst action game in game history, which also makes many Fans disappointed, also makes new players no want to play.
Spitslot: are you new here?
Fourth: "NeverDead"
Rating: 3.0
The Comment: it’s boring, and makes people pain, and disappointing. Conclusion: don’t buy.
Spitslot: a shooting game has that effort that makes others laugh to suffocate.
Third: "the Orion: Hunting dinosaur"
Rating: 2.0
The Comment: it is no meaning to buy this waste game
Spitslot: hello, I’ve just come from 1999 and bring this game.
The second: "the Gettysburg: Reshipment Conflict"
Rating: 2.0
The Comment: the issue of game is an insult for consumers
Spitslot: take the steak as example, the game is just the raw meat just cutting off from cattle with the blood and grim hair!
The first: "Amy"
Rating: 2.0
The Comment: you can’t even endure more seconds
Spitslot: every time you fall off the handle, can have the same idea: how the producers created the game?

What the worst electronic games in the first half 2012–part one

Now is in the midsummer, whether you are on holiday at home or work feel pain because of this hot summer? Recently, the famous Europe and America game media IGN elected 2012 the worst 10 electronic games until now according to the edit and player score, with their wonderful "spitslot", do you want to see their "spitslot" skills? Let me see:
The tenth: "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City"
Rating: 4.0
The comment: it’s very boring
Spitslot: it has great difference between collateral relatives and illegitimate child, and unfortunately the game is the latter.
The ninth: "A song of ice and fire: a game of Thrones"
Rating: 4.0
The comment: the simple picture, poor interactive and endless BUG
Spitslot: if you believe me, you most only need 30 minutes to play the game that the developers want you to play 30 hours
The eighth: "the Blood Furnace"
Rating: 4.0
The comment: the operation is trivial, the action is heavy, and you don’t know what the game wants to express
Spitslot: the game lens is always in the correct position the same with the broken neck.
The seventh: the "Ridge Racing VITA"
Rating: 3.0
The comment: it’s completely no content, more like a demo version.
Spitslot: I play an hour and then seek for the other content in game menu, and the firmly believe the makers design a hostile entrance.

Why the "Diablo 3" can obtain sales miracles–analysis the reasons (part two)

New trade and charge system
Before "Diablo 3" released, although constantly released the completed game content, for most of the players who haven’t experienced the demo, the content was still little, they can’t completely understand the contents. However the shock that products bring is far less than the games operation mode reform the blizzard announced, "Diablo 3" cancels LAN model, must be the whole networking. At the same time blizzard also formulates the specific charges model–CDKEY sales and cash auction house charging handing fee to operate, surely, which immediately caused media and players heated debate after the announcement.
Although blizzard is not the first in the game, to create cash auction house to charge of handing fee, it also focuses the attention of the global. On the one hand players worry about will cause the unfair phenomena after introducing the cash deal, but on the other hand, many players hope to be able to earn some through this system. Controversial charging system also true draws the part of players to try the "novel" operation mode, which makes "Diablo 3" again add a lot of topics.
The effort of Media
Certainly, many game media would like to miss the very high popular "Diablo 3", when face this super masterpiece, how to get the newest information needs every media to think. In order to attract the "Diablo 3" potential users, the medias not only spend a lot of time in the Game Zoon, but also try to become the other resources into the resources they use.
In a word, in the effort of medias,  the attention of "Diablo 3" is more and more high.

Why the "Diablo 3" can obtain sales miracles– analysis the reasons (part one)

"Diablo 3" is able to create such sales success not only depending on the game itself high quality. So, what are the favorable factors creating prerequisites for "Diablo 3" success?

sales rank
"Diablo 3" as the blizzard entertainment popularity game "Diablo" series of orthodox sequel, broke through 3.5 million copies in first sale on May 15th of this year, the first week sold more than 6.3 million copies, becomes the first day and the first week highest sales in PC game history. These data can make blizzard proud.
Developers and products—double brand accumulation
Blizzard entertainment statue is very important in today’s global game industry, the "Warcraft", "Diablo" and "Starcraft" the three series established its unshakable king status in the heart of players. Due to the rigorous attitude of blizzard to game development, its games are mostly very high quality, because of this reason blizzard has a large number of loyal fans in the global scope, and also make a gold sparkling gold-lettered signboard.
And the "Diablo" is one of the blizzard game series, when the first released "Diablo", players are deeply fascinated by ARPG unique charm, with the "Diablo 2" releasing, even it creates immortal classic in the history of the ARPG game.
Now after 11 years, "Diablo 3" with the "blizzard product" and "series orthodox sequel" the double labels, makes full preparation, before releasing, it has been almost in "an invincible position", and this is precisely the most important factors that "Diablo 3" can get the success.

Big news–Diablo 3 gaming technology becomes one of employment conditions

If people around you see you everyday indulge in "Diablo" killing demons and accuse you of "that can’t make you find work", now you should be proud to prove to them that they are wrong. Saatchi international advertising (Saatchi, the headquarters is set up in British) Israeli branch company, is looking for such an "alternative programmer". In cooperation mode their own technology performance must make CEO Yossi Lubaton pleasant, who can enter the company.
"An employee can be as teammates, and can quickly generate creative solutions, at the same time also be relentlessly to any competitors with countermeasures", that were written in the recruitment, "the same with playing the "Diablo 3."
The company CEO Mr. Lubaton and His barbarians
"Diablo 3" was released on May 15, 2012, in the starting 24 hours, sold 3.5 million and becomes the fastest selling PC game. And from the second work of "Diablo" series, have been more than 10 years.
CEO Mr. Lubaton, is a level 60 barbarians, and has about 25000 DPS, is inviting the promising employees to make of a 30 minutes short meeting on every Wednesday of July, which included the cooperation to against demons and some personal questions to increase understanding. According to the job description, the company will invite job seekers to make similar personal interview.
In addition to the position of programmers, in Lubatu online will also provide the game awards, includes the 100 million gold coins and a saga grade weapon called "battle-mad" as a reward. Mr. Lubatu also provides his nickname and online time to welcome the interviewer to discuss together.
Whether "Diablo 3" is a suitable platform to test programmers vocational technology, but this kind of unique talent search way is worth admiring. Believe should have a lot of people meeting the conditions, ready to try, and have a battle with the CEO of Saatchi international advertising company!

"Guild Wars 2"–detail explanation of the economic system

"Guild Wars 2" has announced it will be listed operation in the late of August this year; the players will end the nearly five years of waiting. Compared to the "Guild Wars", the "Guild Wars 2" has many changes, can say it is a new game, and this game is doomed to once be again innovation network game industry.

Guild Wars 2
The following will explain economic system in the game through the internal mechanism; hope it can be helpful for players.
The economic system in "Guild Wars 2" is very diverse, has a lot of money, each currency has a different effect:
(1) 1 silver coin = 100 copper coins
(2) 1 gold = 100 silver coins = 10000 copper coins
Whether the props will impact the "Guild Wars 2" economic system
First of all, you have to have the standard copper coin, silver coin, and gold coin concept. "Guild Wars 2" will not have monetary bottlenecks the same as in "Guild Wars", you can have as possible as much money, because gold, silver, and copper coin can exchange, it won’t appear so high price equipment and goods. The ways can get monetary including:
(1) completing events
(2) picking up the dead enemy bodies 
(3) selling equipment to the NPC 
(4) bargaining transaction with other players
(5) finishing the task

Guild Wars 2
More important, the game also has new concept "Karma" system. You can obtain Karma through many ways; you can obtain the ultimate equipment that is difficult to buy using the money by using the Karma. So, the Karma is worth getting.
The ways gets Karma include: 
(1) complete events and tasks 
(2) help other players to finish the personal story 
(3) accomplish a specific task in your personal story
In addition, there is another currency "micro trading shop money". This kind of currency is called "gem". Players can buy it using the cash; also can use the game currency to exchange.
Based on the stable chain economic system, and currency and precious stones can exchange in the game, players can do not have to worry about happening on inflation.
Yes, in many ways, particularly in economic, the "Guild Wars" is a failure. But ArenaNet got the previous lesson, and made great improvement on the "Guild Wars 2", so players need not be too much worried about the "Guild Wars 2" economic system crashes in the future.

The Pandaria appear–blizzard will take part in Games Com fair this year

Blizzard entertainment announced the squad this year that they take party in Games Com fair. Games Com is the largest, the most authoritative, and the most professional comprehensive interactive game software, information software and hardware equipment exhibition in European, certainly will gather many top game giant such as blizzard.
First of all, on the first public open day of show, also is on August 16th, blizzard will show the eye-catching opening animation of "World of Warcraft: Pandora’s fog" on the live huge screen, after the 70 levels of Illidan, 80 levels of Arthas and 85 levels of wing of the death, which hero will be in the latest expansion of level 90? Let us wait and see!
And the visitors who are in the scene of blizzard will have the opportunity to be personally demo three pillars game of blizzard: the World of Warcraft: Pandora’s fog", "StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm" and "the Diablo 3". Are you moved?
As the fourth expansion of “World of Warcraft", "World of Warcraft: Pandora’s fog" open a new level 90 the highest rating, the new race pandaria, new professional "monk", and of course, has the new map area "Pandora". Players in the show can personally experience these new elements to feel the pleasant sensation when play the level 90 pandas monks in "Pandora".           
The player will be able to represent the Terran, Zerg or the Protoss to join the fight, and experience the latest Multiplayer of "StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm". "StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm" is the latest expansion of the best real-time strategy game "StarCraft 2" in the history.
In a word, the Games Com this year is expected!