“CS OL” zombie model upgrade–terror will promote

The popularity FPS online game “CS OL” is the subsidiary of South Korea Nexon Company today will officially launch large-scale update “Ultimate” the third content in this summer, game zombie mode first expansion content–Z-Virus: the second evolution.

The expansion content that the zombie series model has a high popularity will launch this year, tells the chemical pollution and mutation virus that are triggered by the “Z-Virus”, and tells the story of zombies fighting against the human. This update is mainly about the kind of defending zombies and the attacking zombies, human can devastatingly beat them through the independent heavy firearms, scraper, M32 rockets and other new weapons.
In addition, the special map of zombie mode with illegal skiing industrial park as the background will open PVE and other new content, which shows the joy of the game.
“The CS OL” research and development group principal said, this update will be the end of the second quarter of zombie script, in the future will appear more shocking new zombies. The third quarter of script will plan to update this summer.
I’m looking forward to this upgrading; believe the game will be more and more fun.


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