"Guild Wars 2"–detail explanation of the economic system

"Guild Wars 2" has announced it will be listed operation in the late of August this year; the players will end the nearly five years of waiting. Compared to the "Guild Wars", the "Guild Wars 2" has many changes, can say it is a new game, and this game is doomed to once be again innovation network game industry.

Guild Wars 2
The following will explain economic system in the game through the internal mechanism; hope it can be helpful for players.
The economic system in "Guild Wars 2" is very diverse, has a lot of money, each currency has a different effect:
(1) 1 silver coin = 100 copper coins
(2) 1 gold = 100 silver coins = 10000 copper coins
Whether the props will impact the "Guild Wars 2" economic system
First of all, you have to have the standard copper coin, silver coin, and gold coin concept. "Guild Wars 2" will not have monetary bottlenecks the same as in "Guild Wars", you can have as possible as much money, because gold, silver, and copper coin can exchange, it won’t appear so high price equipment and goods. The ways can get monetary including:
(1) completing events
(2) picking up the dead enemy bodies 
(3) selling equipment to the NPC 
(4) bargaining transaction with other players
(5) finishing the task

Guild Wars 2
More important, the game also has new concept "Karma" system. You can obtain Karma through many ways; you can obtain the ultimate equipment that is difficult to buy using the money by using the Karma. So, the Karma is worth getting.
The ways gets Karma include: 
(1) complete events and tasks 
(2) help other players to finish the personal story 
(3) accomplish a specific task in your personal story
In addition, there is another currency "micro trading shop money". This kind of currency is called "gem". Players can buy it using the cash; also can use the game currency to exchange.
Based on the stable chain economic system, and currency and precious stones can exchange in the game, players can do not have to worry about happening on inflation.
Yes, in many ways, particularly in economic, the "Guild Wars" is a failure. But ArenaNet got the previous lesson, and made great improvement on the "Guild Wars 2", so players need not be too much worried about the "Guild Wars 2" economic system crashes in the future.


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