Why the "Diablo 3" can obtain sales miracles– analysis the reasons (part one)

"Diablo 3" is able to create such sales success not only depending on the game itself high quality. So, what are the favorable factors creating prerequisites for "Diablo 3" success?

sales rank
"Diablo 3" as the blizzard entertainment popularity game "Diablo" series of orthodox sequel, broke through 3.5 million copies in first sale on May 15th of this year, the first week sold more than 6.3 million copies, becomes the first day and the first week highest sales in PC game history. These data can make blizzard proud.
Developers and products—double brand accumulation
Blizzard entertainment statue is very important in today’s global game industry, the "Warcraft", "Diablo" and "Starcraft" the three series established its unshakable king status in the heart of players. Due to the rigorous attitude of blizzard to game development, its games are mostly very high quality, because of this reason blizzard has a large number of loyal fans in the global scope, and also make a gold sparkling gold-lettered signboard.
And the "Diablo" is one of the blizzard game series, when the first released "Diablo", players are deeply fascinated by ARPG unique charm, with the "Diablo 2" releasing, even it creates immortal classic in the history of the ARPG game.
Now after 11 years, "Diablo 3" with the "blizzard product" and "series orthodox sequel" the double labels, makes full preparation, before releasing, it has been almost in "an invincible position", and this is precisely the most important factors that "Diablo 3" can get the success.


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