What the worst electronic games in the first half 2012–part one

Now is in the midsummer, whether you are on holiday at home or work feel pain because of this hot summer? Recently, the famous Europe and America game media IGN elected 2012 the worst 10 electronic games until now according to the edit and player score, with their wonderful "spitslot", do you want to see their "spitslot" skills? Let me see:
The tenth: "Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City"
Rating: 4.0
The comment: it’s very boring
Spitslot: it has great difference between collateral relatives and illegitimate child, and unfortunately the game is the latter.
The ninth: "A song of ice and fire: a game of Thrones"
Rating: 4.0
The comment: the simple picture, poor interactive and endless BUG
Spitslot: if you believe me, you most only need 30 minutes to play the game that the developers want you to play 30 hours
The eighth: "the Blood Furnace"
Rating: 4.0
The comment: the operation is trivial, the action is heavy, and you don’t know what the game wants to express
Spitslot: the game lens is always in the correct position the same with the broken neck.
The seventh: the "Ridge Racing VITA"
Rating: 3.0
The comment: it’s completely no content, more like a demo version.
Spitslot: I play an hour and then seek for the other content in game menu, and the firmly believe the makers design a hostile entrance.


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