What the worst electronic games in the first half 2012–part two

Sixth: "Steel Battallion: Heavy Armor"
Rating: 3.0
The Comment: it is a nightmare in every aspect
Spitslot: this game supports four people online; do you want to share the pain to your friends?
Fifth: "Ninja Ryuukenden 3"
Rating: 3.0
The Comment: it is the worst action game in game history, which also makes many Fans disappointed, also makes new players no want to play.
Spitslot: are you new here?
Fourth: "NeverDead"
Rating: 3.0
The Comment: it’s boring, and makes people pain, and disappointing. Conclusion: don’t buy.
Spitslot: a shooting game has that effort that makes others laugh to suffocate.
Third: "the Orion: Hunting dinosaur"
Rating: 2.0
The Comment: it is no meaning to buy this waste game
Spitslot: hello, I’ve just come from 1999 and bring this game.
The second: "the Gettysburg: Reshipment Conflict"
Rating: 2.0
The Comment: the issue of game is an insult for consumers
Spitslot: take the steak as example, the game is just the raw meat just cutting off from cattle with the blood and grim hair!
The first: "Amy"
Rating: 2.0
The Comment: you can’t even endure more seconds
Spitslot: every time you fall off the handle, can have the same idea: how the producers created the game?