How innocent the computer games—the shooting cases are due to them

On July 20th, 2012, the shooting case happening in Denver again put the games on the peak of public opinion. It seems that the games always appear before the mainstream media with killers, and trigger a hot debate public opinion. No matter whether the games really can induce crime, let us look at what games are so unlucky that relates with the killers.
American Denver shooting case and Mario kart

the gunner of Denver shooting case
On July 20, 2012, in Denver of Colorado, United States, in a cinema, a 24-year-old man James Eagan Holmes attacked the premiere audience watching the movie “Batman prequel 3: The Dark Knight Rises” by using four kinds of guns and tear bomb. At present, this attack caused 12 people died, and 59 injured. Then the criminal was soon arrested outside the cinema by the police.
Then, the American Cable News Network (CNN) freelance writer speculated recently that he was inspired from video games and made the shooting plan. In addition to CNN, more media have no reason to think the shooting case is related with various games just because the murderer likes computer games, in which includes most FPS games, role playing games, “World of Warcraft”, “Guitar Hero”, “Mario kart” and so on, it really made the game players not know whether laugh or cry.