The “Guild Wars 2” can automatically adjust the role level in world war

Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet the subordinate online game earlier publicly released about the “Guild Wars 2” world war analysis video online through its official Facebook. In the video we can full know the mechanism is how to use in the game and other related information from the game designer Matt Victor and Mike Ferguson’s mouth.
The players who enter into the world battlefield don’t need to worry about the level problem, because the system will automatically adjust role level whose level is lower than level 80, which let all the grades of player can enter in here at any time and enjoy the fun of fighting, in addition also can gain experience value award.
In the world war, has many resources camp or strategic stronghold waiting for gamers to capture, in addition, the player can help their own side to fight with the help of use all sorts of sieges or defensive weapons.
At present, they have determined the “Guild Wars 2” will be listed on August 28th, and this game will be formally opening the pressure test lasted four hours today.
Do you like playing “Guild Wars 2”? If you do, must see the video of the world war, and play the pressure test.