Ten new terrorist games – players are looking forward to – part two

“Left 4 Dead”
Valve obviously has been busy in DoTA2 or the “Half-Life 3”, and even may design to enter into hardware market. For a long time we don’t hear of the “Left 4 Dead 3” news, I think it’s time to publish some news? But according to the ways of Valve Software Company doing things, it is estimated that we don’t know news. It is likely to have to wait for a long time.
“Alan Wake”

Alan WakePC players finally no longer continue to play the first part and its expansion pack. Because players still remember the “Alan Wake: American Nightmare”, so it is a wonderful opportunity to release the new continuance. Remedy Company are benefit a lot from this series of game, we also hope that they will be able to produce more games like the “American nightmare” or the real continuance of “Alan Wake”.

F.E.A.R.If don’t only see the game sales, I would say the “F.E.A.R. 3” is a very good game, although sales is not very good. That is because the atmosphere and many terror lenses were cut off in former game. But the multiplay mode and the cooperation pattern are very interesting in “F.E.A.R. 3”! If there is the fourth part game, our only requirement is to add into more terrorist lenses.


Ten new terrorist games – players are looking forward to

2012 is a pleasure year for terrorist game fans! Only in the first quarter, the “Resident Evil: Apocalypse”, “Alan Wake” and other classic terrorist games are released. In the upcoming weeks will also have several games are worth looking forward for players.
“Dead Island”
The “Dead Island” sells so well, it should be surely to have continuance. The propaganda film of the game gives very deep impressive to people, the interesting fight in game, the indulging multiplayer mode, and role playing games all let the Zombies Game standout. As long as they eliminate off bug, give us more interesting roles, the story plot more compacts, I believe that the game fans must be really looking forward to the continuance, also can expect to buy. Certainly, the game music is not too bad.
“The Condemned”
I can say, “The Condemned” is the most awful terror game series by far. Although “The Condemned 2” is off track, its end has been foreshadowed for the third continuance. The former two games can’t attract players, although they received a lot of praise. How can the third game do? I sincerely hope to have the third game appearing, and give very good impression to us.