Ten new terrorist games – players are looking forward to – part three

“Shadows of the Damned 2”

Shadows of the Damned 2Frankly speaking, I like the unique and humor of the game. If you are the fans of terrorist and humorous action games, or like Suda 51 “No More Heros”, Shinji Mikami Resident Evil”, then I believe you will also like this game. It will let you indulge in game and can’t help playing it. Although it can’t develop the sequel of the game, “Lollipop Chainsaw” is another interesting game with style of “Shadows of the Damned 2”.
“Doom 4”

Doom 4After completing “Rage”, id Software finally begins to tackle with another big project: the “Doom 4”. I need to admit, I’m not fans of this series of game, but this doesn’t mean that I don’t expect the new work of game company. The “Doom 4” has been in for a long time, if someone can continue the success of the game, then it can only be Id Company.
“Deep Rising”
The inspiration of “Deep Rising” is from the “Resident Evil 4”, is a neglected game. It is same with the “Resident Evil 4”, the game scene was set in a broken boat of Russia, which add up some eerie atmosphere. Above I said the “Shadows of the Damned 2” doesn’t have continuance, I think this game also won’t have the greatly possibility of developing continuance. I hope to see “Deep Rising” when the “Nightmare Creatures” release.


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