The GTA5 ten predict Refresh Rockstar sales – part three

6. Emphasis on RPG elements

Take a look at the most successful works of “San Andreas”, ask you why it is so successful, among the reasons the RPG is one of the cause. San Andreas entirely gives the right of control CJ to you, so you can customize a variety of details. Let him eat become a fatty, or become muscular through daily fitness.
I think that they will re-introduce the RPG elements to the GTA5, after all it was not used in GTV4, and many people have wondered why so do, they think it is backwards. Certainly, about this has all kinds of speculation, but Rockstar is not stupid, they will certainly bring these back to the GTA series.
5 the protagonist is from the existing GTA crime family
Perhaps the most important element of the game is the protagonist. Over the years, they created many favorite roles of players, such as CJ, Tommy, Vercetti or Niko Bellic, after all, how many protagonists of games are from Eastern Europe? It is almost no one.
So who is the next generation protagonist? It is sure that we all want to know. After several years, Rockstar has been succeeded in creating the GTA world, which is governed by the laws of nature, and is crime to make money. Seen from the trailer, the protagonist in GTA has just moved to Los Santos to escape the life of crime, we also know that the GTA world is full of corruption, he can’t escape.
Predict the GTA5 protagonist will have their own the existing GTA city, or even a crime family that has already been existing. As for which, we are guessing.

GTA5 ten predict Refresh Rockstar sales – part two

Win back to the heart of doubters

The debate about the true degree has been continued for years and does not stop, every time fans all will debate. Some stubborn think, the crazier the better, some think that insist on realism is more important. After all, when driving is more difficult, make some cool action will let you feel a sense of accomplishment.
I think Rockstar has been seen the debate snicker behind his back, according to the former sales, after all “GTA4” sales are not better than the former two works. Estimate that they will take compromise, appropriately to reduce authenticity and increase crazy degree.
So, when new game releases, it will attract many players that will lose interest in this game.
Let other players be disappointed
Although a more exciting GTA will win back a large number of fans, the depressed real degree will certainly let another group of people be disappointed. They will post to the world and say this kind of new game will be worse than “GTA4”, and then second-hand game will occupy the market.
Players are a group of volatile people, and for the love of the game, they don’t allow other people question. GTA is a game that many players support it, every time when it releases, it is the highly expected by many players, there are some players will be disappointed. As we previously forecasted, those players who like GTA4 sense of reality will be disappointed.
At least has a perfect score

Speak frankly Rockstar is outstanding in the industry. They almost have never lose, is often surprising to the industry when release something. This kind of heavyweight works tends to have high score. Nothing is perfect, no game is perfect, but when GTV5 releases, you will still see at least one evaluation will get full marks.

GTA5 ten predict Refresh Rockstar sales

From time to time, you always have heard of some news about the new screenshots or new rumors, in fact all of these are not accurate, and don’t have substantial content. Do you think the screenshots of a person riding a bicycle can provide you how much information?
The reliable sources of information are so few. It looks that Rockstar haven’t done anything, now they are like soaking in gasoline, only need to wait for flame. So, once again we have only a little bit of information, most of them are guessing. When the game finally releases, see which will be true about our ten GTA5 predictions.
It will break sales record

GTA series have incredible good grades in preselling and sales volume. Certainly, the most successful work is the “San Andreas”, in April of this year has been sold 22.76 million copies. “Vice City” is close to 2071 copies, the “GTA4” was ranked the third with 18.51 million copies.
But the “GTA5” will have an unprecedented promotion, Rockstar is familiar with the marketing strategy, and there are so many eager concern GTA series fans, it looks like the next works will break the former record, become the highest sales work of Rockstar.

Can only playing World of warcraft in Win8

Although Windows8 will be formal released on October, but to the new operating system, it is not suitable for playing games, even the valve boss Gabe Newell also said that Win8 is a “big disaster” to all the games. But blizzard software engineer Darren Williams don’t think so, however, he said world of warcraft will be operate on Windows8 very well.
Williams specific mention “Mists of Pandaria” can be run in Win8, although compared with Win7, Vista even XP, Win8 in dealing with the game has deficiency of the theory, blizzard will fully support the system in the future. Williams said “We haven’t used Win8, but in the future we will transfer it, we will support players to use operating system. ”
Although most players never doubt warcraft can be operated on the new system, but earlier blizzard’s executive vice president Rob Pardo said that Blizzard also don’t think Win8 have much good advantages to attract many customers. But then again, if Windows8 really like talking about that is not friendly for players, will you abandon to use Win8, as many people skip Vista?

World of Tanks issued the most important update

The current “World of Tanks” the game screen is more and more attractive, and more and more real, and in the 8.0 updated version of this game, its physical effect and light effect have been strengthened overall. Wargaming said the upgrade, it may be said it is “the most important update since the game launched”.

World of Tanks
In addition, updated version 8.0 will also bring some changes in other aspects for players, including optimizing the UI in game, enhancing the function of small map, and the Soviet army was joined into the four kinds of brand new tanks and chariots, and this time players can buy British chariot “Matilda Black Prince” in the prop store.
The “World of Tanks” is developed and made by Wargaming of Belarus game company, and 30 players can play the fast and random PvP combat at same time in this game. In this game also includes the second time more than one hundred and fifty light-weight, midsize, heavy tanks and anti-tank organized car, self-propelled guns and armored vehicles before and after the World War ii and in the period of the Korean war.
So much armors and weapons, are you moved? You must like this “World of Tanks”.

Ten kinds of method to avoid the “Mass Effect 3” bad ending – part four

7. Flexible professional design
In ME, the occupation is outstanding and effective, if you have to change a profession, can only restart a character, and may be depressed. If it can be designed into more flexible and free skill configuration, and allow the player to choose skills by themselves, and then become a mashup profession. Consequently, in the online battle, players can cooperate better through the skill set.
8. More romantic elements
In ME, the love across race is a little strange, and love only needs to choose the right answer, basic always say some sweet words you can success. I didn’t mean to extend love into 10 hours of content, but now it is so simple that players think it insults the player’s intelligence quotient (IQ).
9. Causality
Why was the ending of ME3 made players disappointed, when you chose in two former work, but you actually did not feel, are you angry? Many games, like ME all superficial have multi-line narrative, when the final high tide comes, should let players see their choice to the influence of the game.
For the game design, must be very headache, but can’t just palter. After the ME3, Bioware has proved to us, hope they can step on later.
10. More dialogue options
In the ME3, the dissatisfaction is having too little dialogue an option, often a choice is not given to you. The remedial method is also very simple, add more things, and don’t impose your own moral into the game. Let the players feel that there is indeed difference if choices.

Ten kinds of method to avoid the “Mass Effect 3” bad ending – part three

4. Cooperation to campaign
When I know ME3 have online function, I was very pleased, so it is very happy that fight against Reaper to save the Milky Way with friends together. But it is pity that the plot doesn’t develop so, the final outcome is four people against groups of enemies as far as possible, and if you earn some points, which can also affect single game, those players who don’t like to play multiplayer game are not well. Hope next time they can seriously do this part of online.
5. More vague moral choice
The joy of the modern game is they slowly join in moral system, you will have different results your good deeds and malignant. Although ME also have great dialogue selection system, dialogue has a lot of options, but when it comes to the moral, it only has good and evil.
But the design of good and evil value lets the choice of players become simple, and often only adheres to choose one. Sometimes players won’t think to choose which one, only care about whether can get good and evil points. About this, Bioware is a little failure.
6. Have many kinds of methods to complete the task
If you don’t like violence but like more convincing, ME no further considered non-violent solution, or you save ammunition by stealth. If you feel so good, the leading role of the fourth part of ME can be considered the spy personnel like Snake, although there are weapons but most of the time you need stealth and twist off the enemy’s neck.
So the game mechanism is needed big change, but the degree of freedom will be increased greatly.