What are problems of the “Guild Wars 2” and how to solve them – part two

Teams, association and other social system–there are many problems in teams, association and other social system. Such as players cannot be shown on the map, and are not the same shunt server when conversion area, etc. These phenomena are especially obvious in the peak period. We are trying to solve these problems, and repair them in the recent updating.

Guild Wars 2Server – many servers can reach the saturated state. We control the quantity of servers, in order to ensure that still have a certain number of players in every server after the first peak. We’ll increase the quantity of server if necessary, such as on last Thursday, all of the German server and French server were full, so we added the two groups of German servers and a group of French server.
Shunt server–at first, design shunt server, is to solve the problem that a lot of players gather in the new area and cause chaos in the early game. So when the number is too much in a region, the arrival of new players will be assigned to shunt server. If you and your teammates are not in a shunt server, you can right-click on the head of your team-mate and choose to join. But due to the group system the above we mentioned has some problems, so the function sometimes is failure.