The Rift the Storm Warriors new expansion pack will be issued

The “Rift” will welcome its first expansion pack on the November 13th, the “Storm Warriors”, today the official published the latest promotional video of the expansion.
In the “Storm Warriors”, Telara mainland area will increase 3 times, and add two pieces of continents – Dusken and Brevane. With the bigger world, the content of the games will also correspondingly increase, especially the monster in the game, some of the monster volume will become abnormal huge, the players will experience it in the game in future.

RiftIn this expansion the player’s upper level will increase 10 levels, and then join four new talent (each career is added a new one), and, certainly do some small changes, such as balance and adjust professional skill. Another important new content is building system, developers have not yet revealed housing system details, but if the system can combine with production system will greatly enhance the system depth and gameplay.
The “Rift” is developed by the TrionWorlds company and it took five years in developing it, the total investment amount reaches $50 million. At the same time, during the testing, more than 1 million players participate in this game. The game mainly described the Lala world faces the collapse fate due to four party forces fought, in order to the hope that make the legendary kingdom to resurrect, players will try to bring peace to the world, so as to become a legendary hero.


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