Display “Firefall” character armor interface full of future element

In the “Firefall”, different professions have their own armor, and they use armor upgrading and strengthening to replace character upgrading, in armor interface, interface that the game provides can be controlled, it can make players to check their armor performance, components, skill and weapon. You can see the armor interface full of futuristic through the video in the net.

FirefallIn the “Firefall”, the armor in every part of body has its own function, such as the arm is the main weapon and vice weapons and their ammunition, through the upgrade and unlock, players will have different weapons and ammunition to replace, and the upper part of the body is mainly armor, processor and different skills, and so upgrade and unlock the related talent can gain better parts and skills, the main parts of the lower half body are propeller, believe that all the people are very familiar with this part.
In addition to their own specific attribute, Different parts and weapons equipment all have CPU power, energy and weight the three big properties, and the three big properties of all the equipment are added up that is the total energy and load of the armor, this value can’t be allowed to exceed the maximum.


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