Expose the “Resident Evil 6” 19 species method in killing zombies

Recently, the media released the dynamic graph about 19 kinds of killing zombies methods in the “Resident Evil 6”, these moves are mainly mercenaries ambitions kung fu appearing in single story mode. We can say except gun, close quarters to combat to kill zombies a big luminescent spot in the game. And in previous media reports, Capcom official also encouraged players to kill an enemy through CQC, if players want to experience this pleasant sensation of dismembered corpse, let’s go and see it.
1. Use your fist back to crazy pat the zombie face.

fist back to pat the zombie2. Seize the zombie legs, and throw out directly.
3. Use my elbow to hit face.
4. Directly kick chin.
5. Use Falcon Punch eagle boxing to overturn zombie.
6. 360 degrees rotate kick the back part of head.

360 degrees rotate kick7. Quietly close to the zombie back, grab its head to hit partition.
8. Or directly grab the head of the zombies to hit the wall
9. Use elbow to strong struck them.
10. Grip the head of the zombies from the back, direct twist off its neck.
11. Grip the zombie head, at the same time jump forward to somersault.
12. Directly push the zombie over the rail, make it fallen to its death.
13. Smash the zombies head in pike.
14. Use “bulldog type” to kill zombie.
15. Directly use knife to poke into zombies viscera.
16. Back embrace to throw the zombie.
17. Use uppercut.
18. Take the zombie iron to directly beat face.
19. The zombie you meet is a drunkard, take the bottle to hit back.

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