Happy is the most important – FBOnline detailed interpretation

AniPark that is specialization development sports game is based on the characteristics of No. 1 baseball game “BBOnline”, SD lovely characters and various kinds of card system, developed the football game “FBOnline”, you can find the style and features of famous players both at home and abroad in the game, the game operation is simple, anyone can be easy to get start.
“FBOnline” is a traditional football game 11 against 11, is created by pure Korean technology, through interesting characters movement, getting score to celebrate, and real skills, players will be able to feel the game carefree gameplay.

FBOnlineThe SD characters have actual personality
“FBOnline” advocates “happy is the real football” concept, will make the real players at home and abroad for SD (Super Deformation) character, although each character is different from real players, but have real players hairstyle, body type, shooting, mobile and other characteristics.
Interesting characters movement and animation
“FBOnline” used SD character amiable and lovely image, to give us the pleasure that general football game is not able to give, although Shuffle Dance Ceremony Sliding Ceremony is a little too exaggeration, after seeing scoring to celebrate and powerful pass ball with head, always let person understanding laugh.


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