Exposure the “State of Decay” will land on PC platform – part two

Driving like GTA
The vehicle in game are divided into more than 10 big kinds, from muscle car, pickup truck to compact car, every kind has many different color and different types of vehicles. Driving the vehicle is rather similar with GTA, first of all different models have different operation feeling, and the voice of the engine also is different (the voice will attract the attention of the zombies), under the support of CryEngine3, physical effects of automobile driving and impact tend to true: such as a sports car has fast speed, but it is very easy to damage in full of obstacles and debris way, and a 70s pickup car although can’t make you to experience as quick as flash feeling, it can easily roll a group of zombies.

State of Decay
The world has been changed, you need to make a decision, and your decision will affect the world in turn
Your behavior and choice will influence of the world, and then will produce different content, and in addition quantity of zombie keeps increasing will also cause greater threat to the world. You need to decide where to establish shelter and with who, you need to establish relationships with other players, and find materials with teams, and even set up a supply line. You and your teammates also need decide to look for what materials and supplies according to the actual situation of shelter. You need more decide to whether kill them before large group of zombies attacking your shelter, or strengthen the defense of shelter to be against their attack.
Home system
When say shelter, we have to mention home system. This system not only provides the players with more interesting content, but also promotes the establishment of players’ community and collective; after all, you are a person and cannot survive. The official only show an early version of the home construction video, although they do not explain the system how to work, we can probably see players can need to choose what facilities and where to build according to the circumstance, besides players can plant vegetables, repair wall, etc.
When the “State of Decay” just released, developers adhere to the game will only release in the host machine platform, but now official website has clearly published the game will also be landed on PC, to compete with “The Wars Z”.

Exposure the “State of Decay” will land on PC platform

The online games the zombies is theme will compete in the next year, “State of Decay” that is produced with CryEngine3 engine by the Undead Labs studio will be landed Xbox360 and PC the two platforms, and “The War Z” will be landed PC later in this year. Today we come to see its competitor “State of Decay”.

State of DecayIt is not important that how the disaster to start, the important thing is how you will survive.
“State of Decay” is third person action game of the open world, this cruel world has no law and does not have the rule, it is same with “The War Z”, the goal is not to kill one thousand of zombies or beat other 100 players, but is survival, food, water, shelter, ammunition and others are necessary of sustaining life.
This is action game, shooting is only part
The big difference from the first person “The War Z” is that you may not destroy zombies with guns. In the game world arms and ammunition quantity you can found is very limited, so making personnel developed a set of action system, including jumping out of windows, jump on roof, etc., can also use a variety of melee combat weapons such as stick and baseball bat to combat.
As for how to fight, developers give the option to players, you can drive small trucks to roll gadabout zombies on the road, you can go into the local police station to know zombies and take various powerful weapons, and you can also sneak into the grocery store to take away all kinds of food and supplies without battle. The world is a sand board, so you can fight and survive in your own way.