Ten classic zombie games in history Resident Evil is leading

These games should be real high-quality goods in zombie works, the “Resident Evil”, ” Left 4 Dead”, “GRave Defense”, “Dead Space” and so on, they all became classic of generation in such works.
Here’s the ten best zombie theme games in the history, remember that you must protect yourself when play them!
“Resident Evil 2”

Resident Evil 2It is so-called peak work of “Resident Evil” series, is also a kind of survival terrorist game quality.
On September 29, 1998, new police officer Leon went to work in police station of Raccoon city. But, after entrance to the city, he encountered the zombies that have been infected the T virus. At the same time, S.T.A.R.S. player Chris sister Claire, in order to find the lost brother also came to the Raccoon city, and also met zombies, therefore, two people erroneously met.
After the meeting, the two people planned to go to Raccoon city police station together, but on the journey suffered a car accident, two people were separated by the fire disaster that was caused by oil tank truck explosion. Two people on both sides of the flame promised: they respectively found the way to the police station, and then meet there, then, the double story line began…
“House of the Dead: Overkill”
Mechanical dialogue and voice always make some terrorist themes second-rate movie failure, but “House of the Dead: Overkill” fortunately has not such the fate.
The scene in the game is closed, and game content is endless gunfight, quality is also slightly out of date and seems to be deliberately close to classic type of zombies games. But the whole mechanism still is more attractive, and easy to be remembered.

Does Diablo 3 client new add test options means PVP system may come

Media Incgamers released a new observation critique, in BBS they have members first found that “Diablo 3” client newly added an option, does this mean that will have some important test? According to blizzard custom, there is a very long public test or BETA testing before some important patch or expansion being online, it is very common in the “World of WarCraft”, but it is the first time in the “Diablo 3”. With the launch of the 1.04 patch, the most important should be patch 1.10 and PVP system announced in the future, let’s see INC commentary on this matter.

Diablo 3The client newly added test options publicly – does that mean PVP will soon come?
Before our member snipeattacker pointed out in BBS, I haven’t noticed that is added some options such as “open test” and “start to open test game”. These options have been in existence for a period of time, but the connection download open test hasn’t been enables, now is enabled, it currently only will transfer to Battlenet website.
What does this mean? It seems blizzard is ready to open a beta in order to later modify testing. This is common in MMOs, they all have a test version, which can make everybody test and modify before the new patch launch.
Because PVP is still not coming, this may be used to test the PVP function so as to collect feedback, may also be used to test and collecting feedback before launching large patch at any time in future. If this is really, it is good news for the player. Although at present it will connect to Battlenet website, I believe that there will be more related news in the near future, which is also discussed in recent podcast.